Mail Assure

Optional drop-down list of admins when transferring domains

Raised on behalf of Awaken IT.


When transferring a domain to another admin, an optional drop-down list containing the sub-admins of the currently-logged-in user would be helpful, as this prevents the need to remember the exact name given to the intended recipient admin account; otherwise, it can't be checked at that point without leaving the screen.


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MSP N-central

Report on clients' domain users

We bill most of our customers on a per-machine basis, but we have a handful (mostly RDS / Terminal Server environments) that we bill by the user. N-Central has access to the information via the Domain User Management section, but I don't believe it is available via reports anywhere. We're not looking to build an audit trail with this data, but simply need a snapshot to adjust monthly billing. For our purposes at least, ...more »


MSP N-central

Login page allow domain default or selection

Right now I have to type out my full active directory domain name to log into N-Central to log in with my AD account. This is really annoying. Allow selection of a default domain so that if just a user name is entered, it assumes it's in AD, and if not it looks at local users. If only one AD domain is integrated, then make an assumption that it should be the default domain. OR Have a drop down box for domain selection. ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Domain Expirations

It would be nice to see in real-time when a customer's domain will expire (WHOIS Lookup). Some customers also have multiple domains so it will need to support more than one. Many times, these are handled through their web design company instead of us. The ability to set an alert when the domain will expire in x days would be great. We do this manually now but it would be better to see it on the dashboard in real-time. ...more »


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