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E-mail Salvo Quando For Acionado

Hoje no "DETALHES DO CLIENTE" salvamos o e-mail do cliente. Se puxarmos o acesso, ao finalizar o atendimento vem a tela "ENVIAR O RELATÓRIO PARA O SEGUINTE E-MAIL: teste@teste.com" (o e-mail já vem preenchido). Mas quando o cliente chama, e encerramos a sessão não vem com o e-mail preenchido, tendo o trabalho de sempre ter que conferir qual o e-mail e sempre ter que digitar ao encerrar uma sessão. Gostaríamos que isso ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

GFI Max - Automated Mail Server Blacklist Check

It would be great to have a Daily Automated Mail Server Blacklist Check, something like that offered for free on www.mxtoolbox.com


The check would verify that the Mail Servers (i.e. Microsoft Exchange) Public IP address is not listed on any of the 104 known blacklists, if it is listed then it could raise an alert on the Dashboard.


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Notification e-mail - Alert disappeared

I suggest you to allow set an option to generate e-mails with information that check is ok after a problem. It´s great that we are informed about problems via MAX Alerts however number of MAX´s users would like to be inform that problem in MAX is solved or disappeared. This is usefull mostly when technicians are out of their dashboard.


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