Mail Assure

Have Secure Email Delivery

When sending an email a number of departments such as HR and Finance at times require the use of an encrypted email delivery. When applied the email sent using this function would be secured and an message sent to the recipient stating "you have a secure email please do .... (whatever the steps)... to retrieve your message." Office 365 and other mail security applications have this as a built in function, but with Office365 ...more »

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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Consolidated alerting

At present, whenever there is a network problem at a site which renders servers to go offline, we receive a tonne of alerts in our PSA and a lot of time is spent in managing those tickets in addition to the problem causing the alert. We would like to see a feature which allows certain types of alerts to be consolidated into a single email alert which in turn will create a single ticket in our PSA such as "Multiple servers ...more »

Submitted by (@michaelmiz)

MSP N-central

Mail custom made powershell output as body

Could you make it possible that when a automation script has been run we can put the output of the script into the body of an e-mail without having to mail it through a self defined smtp server. Now i use the Nofication Sussess Failed and Send task output file in Email. But this is in a zipped file and i would like to have it as the Body of the mail. Maybe you can make a output to body of nofication mail in the automation ...more »

Submitted by (@twijbrandts)

MSP Manager

Add Sensitivity: header handling for opt external email security

It would be a good idea to add an option to set / detect the email Sensitivity: header field. This is a RFC-standard field that is also settable in MS Outlook's Options dialog for example. This'd be the natural hook to trigger an external security solution, as in, set Sensitivity to higher than normal in the response generation to get encryption for outgoing mails. (In case you're discussing potentially sensitive or ...more »

Submitted by (@mnahkola)

Mail Assure

Enable Email Scout Report branding

On top of the following topics #1 (Better formatting of Digest Reports) #2 (Scout Reports message actions ) #3 (Add localized Email Scout Reports) I definetely need the ability ...more »

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MSP Manager

Ticket responses to not include Ticket email

When a customer replies to a ticket, it is including the full HTML formatted original email response we sent to them. Although this may be handy in very rare circumstances, This adds huge bloat to the list of responses in the ticket view. Instead of having a single line reply from a customer there is the full response that we sent them in their reply pushing everything else way down the list. In the image below, it only ...more »

Submitted by (@wilkinsit)

MSP Backup & Recovery

WebCMC emailing a saved devices view - allow any email address

When using the WebCMC you can save a devices view, This is useful when used in conjunction with filters to, for example, show only devices which have not backed up in the last 24 hours. I want to send these views to myself and to the re-seller, But I would need to set the re-seller up as a user on my dashboard first. Can we not allow any email address to be added to the recipient field? I ...more »

Submitted by (@benfitz)