MSP Manager

Ticket responses to not include Ticket email

When a customer replies to a ticket, it is including the full HTML formatted original email response we sent to them. Although this may be handy in very rare circumstances, This adds huge bloat to the list of responses in the ticket view. Instead of having a single line reply from a customer there is the full response that we sent them in their reply pushing everything else way down the list. In the image below, it only ...more »

Submitted by (@wilkinsit)

MSP Backup & Recovery

WebCMC emailing a saved devices view - allow any email address

When using the WebCMC you can save a devices view, This is useful when used in conjunction with filters to, for example, show only devices which have not backed up in the last 24 hours. I want to send these views to myself and to the re-seller, But I would need to set the re-seller up as a user on my dashboard first. Can we not allow any email address to be added to the recipient field? I ...more »

Submitted by (@benfitz)

MSP Manager

E-mail Record History

When I reply to a ticket via e-mail as the tech it correctly adds that reply to the ticket but it should also be sending it to the customer. There is no way of me knowing if it sent a message to the customer that entered the ticket or to any of the people that would normally be on CC. I also do not see a list of people on CC when I receive a new ticket notification in my e-mail, this is crucial information as it would ...more »

Submitted by (@swampfox)

MSP N-central

Ability to receive notification when AV Defender is installed

At this moment our technicians have to report back that an AV Defender is installed on a pc.

For making our yearly recurring payments for the customer we need to know exactly when the AV was installed.

Is it possible to make an option to get notified via email when the AV Defender is installed?

Submitted by (@dein01)

MSP Manager

Response subject editable

When sending a response you should be able to edit the subject of the email. Because of the lack of workflows in MSP Manager around customer status we tend to put things like CUST, CLOSE 5PM, or ONSITE, etc at the start of the ticket title. We don't want these on the email to the end user but at the minute that means you have to edit the title to be what you want on the email subject, send the response and then edit ...more »

Submitted by (@paulodell)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Allow adjustment of return-path on Alert Emails

As an MSP, I'd like to brand the from address in e-mail alerts and recoveries. However, when setting this in the Mail Templates, this does not modify the return-path in the e-mail. This causes my mail filtering settings to quarantine this message based on configurations designed to prevent targeted phishing attacks. Duplicating the provided custom from address to the return-path OR providing the ability to set your ...more »

Submitted by (@dionjones)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Email Template Tags To Allow External Ticketing Integration

For MSP Anywhere. Providing a Subject Line email tag for Customer # (existing field) or an External Reference field of some sort would allow us to automatically update an external ticketing system with emailed session reports.


We currently use Bomgar, but would likely switch to MSP Anywhere given this functionality.

Submitted by (@karikj)