MSP Service Desk

New Users Registration

My main concern is a basic feature such a user who is not registered in the service desk emails the service desk for support but their ticket is not logged and they are not created as a user based on the domain they are emailing from. This is a basic feature that all service desks provide and one that is causing our service desk to miss tickets on a busy day. Its time consuming having to forward on the ticket, then several ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Email and Hyperlink Substitution String For Customer Domain Name

There is a good section of variables available for substitution in the System Tray Application emails and hyperlinks. https://dashboard.systemmonitor.us/dashboard/helpcontents/index.html?systray_variables.htm I'd like to see an option for customer email domain name added to the list in order to facilitate customized links to branded pages that use the customer email domain name to set the branding. e.g. https://outlook.com/contoso.com ...more »