MSP Backup & Recovery

Master Encrpytion Key for account owner

If you forget your encryption key (or if a malicious employee decides to go off the rails) you're customers backups are worthless.


Allow the MSP business owner a master restore password that only they would know that could override all other backup passwords.


Give us the option to have one global password for all, or one for each client. (I personally would prefer one global for all)

MSP Backup & Recovery

Encryption Level - View and Change

Include capabilities associated with viewing and changing the encryption level used for backups. It is currently not possible to see/report on the encryption level utilised through any of the options: a) Using clienttool...setting.list b) Client GUI c) Cloud Management Console There is no ability, short of uninstall and redeploy manually (not using silent/unattended install which defaults to AES-128) to make changes ...more »


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Please Encrypt SOAP request heartbeats

Most of all of GFI's communication with GFI is encrypted with the exception of the SOAP request/POST heartbeat to the GFI server. This contains very valuable information such as logged in user name, host name, OS version, reboot status, domain. From a security standpoint this is VERY valuable information that should not be broadcasted and is a foot hold for MITM attacks and/or reconnaissance phases of an attack. The ...more »