MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Improve CSV exports

Hello, It seems the CSV export only export the current page that is displayed. So, if we have 6 pages we will need to manually go on each page and run the CSV export for 6 pages, 6 times. Is it possible to extend the CSV export to all pages to do a full export at once? We have seen this behaviour within the "Connected devices" tab related to Active Discovery but I'm pretty sure it's the same for other menus. Thank ...more »


MSP Service Desk

Improve Search

PLEASE VOTE! Please improve the search feature in Service Desk. Search results should be a columns that can be sorted and filtered. Search results must include response and internal responses. Also include cc email addresses. Also be able to export results Can you setup a design forum/workshop for MSPs to have a more engaged relationship to improve this product? Ideascale doesn't seem to be actively used by enough ...more »


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MSP Service Desk

ServiceDesk - Ability to import / export knowledge base articles

It would be great if we could import and export knowledgebase articles in MAX ServiceDesk. Taking that a step further it would allow MAXfocus to set up a partner portal section where we can upload any generic articles that we put together to share with others. Or maybe have a repository in ServiceDesk itself with public articles that we can import into our own ServiceDesk install or share with others. This way partners ...more »


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Convert exported dates from display to numeric format

Whenever a report is exported to CSV (or excel), the date is formatted in a display format. Converting it to a numeric format would allow me to format the column however I desire, sort based on true chronologcal order, and apply other data transformations without having to do my own conversion for every exported report.



05-JAN-2016 08:00 should be 42374.3345