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Risk Intelligence - Whitelist

The only client I have run this on had files that were flagged as containing credit card information when, in fact, they were files that were compressed and had random numbers that matched the length of credit card numbers. I could easily ohave produced a report showing progress on their system if I could have eliminated the false positives. As it stands, the report still shows problems. The dashboard policy or the specific ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

scan configuration in RI dashboard

The Scan configuration is necessary in the RI dashboard if we are to deal with false positives. I have encrypted files whose contents are showing as having credit card data when, in fact, it's just random data (encrypted) that happens to match the pattern. If I had a regular RI account, and not through the Max RMM, I would have access to Scan Configurations menu option to exclude files. This is a must for my clients ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Increase time out for No communication from Managed Antivirus

Today I must have had 10+ alerts saying:

The test Managed Antivirus Check failed.

Additional information : No communication from Managed Antivirus Agent

This needs to be fixed, if the gfi agent only checks in every 5\15min then it makes no sense for the MAV communication to check and alert at a higher frequency than this.

All alerts received were false positives from sites and servers operating as expected.


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