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MSP Anywhere can't see remote network drives

I can't access network drives remotely when using file transfer in MSP Anywhere, which is a serious problem since I have to do two file transfer - network drive to local drive on remote then remote machine to local machine.


Also, in file transfer, I need to be able to type the path I want to go to: It's much faster to type c:\filefolder than to click through the menu. GUI isn't always better. :)


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Block downloads with WebProtection

So there is the scenario I have recently taken a customer through the UK Government based Cyber Essentials Plus certification. One of the requirements is to prevent users from downloading executable files form the internet. This is to prevent the possibility of infection from RansomWare etc. This would we a great addition to the Web Protection Suite as world wide it can be used to prevent RansomWare. In the UK it will ...more »


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MSP Backup & Recovery

File extension / type whitelisting

Users can exclude/blacklist file extensions just fine. Unfortunately they can't whitelist them. If I'd like to back up only word, excel and pdf documents for example, I'd have to exclude all other file formats. Another user case is when dealing with small selection size products (Max Backup). Lets say the selected size limit is 5Gb. Documents folder (containing thousands of files of all kind) is selected, but it's 7Gb ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

File Size Check GB versus MB conversion issue

There is a problem with setting a file size check. We are trying to monitor a 3.28 GB file. We set the file check to alert if larger than 3.4 GB. This was causing the check to fail even though the check was reporting back it found the file to be 3.28 GB. This issue was confirmed by LogicNow tech support per case # 00291079. Their response is here: *** "I wanted to let you know that I have confirmed the issue. ...more »


MSP Backup & Recovery

File Monitoring

Monitoring of a particular file would be great. We could say monitor a client's QuickBooks file and have an alert if it hasn't been modified or backed up in 7 days or so.


That way if they save a new file in a new locale or backups aren't functioning, it's easy to trace. Plus, we can show our client's a nice report of their most critical files so it reinforces our value proposition.


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

System tray local file

Hi MaxRemote Team,


it would be nice if the system tray option "local file" would also support files from a network drive.


When i try to integrate a file from a network drive e.g \\fileserver\directory\file.exe i just get the error "requested file could not be found".


I also tried to accomplish this by using file:\\server\directory\file.exe using the hyperlink type.