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Filter Network Devices by comma delimited list of device names

Sometimes we have a list of machine names already, and don't want to build a filter around it. It would be really useful for the freetext device search field to accept a comma-delimited list of machine names.


use cases

- queue up remote sessions for a support case

- overview of monitoring status for disparate group of machines

Submitted by (@systemd.mfsen)

MSP N-central

Allow lower level users to edit filters created by higher level

An SO Level account may need to create and share a filter to lower levels, they may also need to have those lower level accounts adjust the filter. This isn't currently possible as equivalent or higher accounts can edit the filter.


To overcome this, the SO level account would need to make a lower level account which is equal to the customer level account for them to be able to edit the filter.

Submitted by (@charles.hammersley)

MSP N-central

Filter Parameter for Roles/Features

Currently the agent, when installed on a server, returns the installed Roles and Features for that server. It is reported and can be seen under the Asset tab on a Windows Server device. It would be very beneficial to allow filters to be made based off the Roles/Features that are installed on a given server. Currently to do this I am utilizing a custom setup involving "Custom Details" and manually adding the information ...more »

Submitted by (@psaeryn)

MSP N-central

Search by Asset Information in "All Devices"

Currently there is no way to search for information like Serial Number or Asset Tag in the "All Devices" screen. Currently the only way to perform this kind of search is to start creating a filter and sort by "Hardware > System Serial Number > Contains". This is obviously not ideal and for the few techs that need to search by serial number it can be confusing after not doing it for so long. Would it be feasible to add ...more »

Submitted by (@psaeryn)


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MSP N-central

Full Customer/Site Support in N-Central & Report Manager

After introducing partial support for sites into n-central quite some time ago, support for customers/sites was removed or never actually added in filter previews and reports.

I am told that for a report or filter to include the customer/site instead of just a device name, a feature request needs to be created because Solarwinds consider this to be by design.

Submitted by (@prejay)

MSP N-central

Block viewing of filters/dashboards/repository items from above

I'd like the ability to block customer level users from being able to access filter/dashboard/repositoy items that were created at a higher level. I don't want to completely remove access to the filters/dashboards/repo as they should be able to manage items at their level and below, but don't want them being able to look into the items that were created at a higher level, since they're not a higher level user that should ...more »

Submitted by (@prejay)

MSP N-central

Allow option for exclusive filters in rules

Currently, rules can only target devices inclusively based on one or more filters, targeting all devices included in them. It'd be helpful to have the ability to *exclude* devices based on filters also. For instance, I want to create update schedules that ensure Domain Controllers don't get rebooted alongside everything else. Currently that means setting up a separate filter that includes class "Servers - Windows" except ...more »

Submitted by (@bemmons)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Create Workstations Filters Based on Patch Status

It would greatly enhance managing PM if we could create workstation filters based on patch status. In the days following a big patch release I am very interested in identifying workstations with patches in Pending status as they may be having issues. I have multiple workstations at several clients that are rarely used and usually offline. To reduce clutter, I usually invoke a Workstation Filter to see only online workstations. ...more »

Submitted by (@chasvircio)