MSP N-central

Search of empty, null, blank and/or other special characters

- Able to create a filter that will enable to search and find devices that may have an empty field or not been properly indicated. This will enable to us to search devices that doesn't have a valid field such as dash value on the field.


Also, it'll be best to Add IsEmpty or IsNull like in other PL conditions.


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Consolidated alerting

At present, whenever there is a network problem at a site which renders servers to go offline, we receive a tonne of alerts in our PSA and a lot of time is spent in managing those tickets in addition to the problem causing the alert. We would like to see a feature which allows certain types of alerts to be consolidated into a single email alert which in turn will create a single ticket in our PSA such as "Multiple servers ...more »


MSP N-central

Allow Filters to "Equal" a list

In addition to filter lines having the operand "equal to" and "not equal to" I'd like to see "In List" and "Not In List" that lets us select multiple items. You can see in my example how I need many lines to select various workstations and laptops. If I could have a line that reads like "Device Class In List" and select Windows Laptop, windows Tablet, Windows Workstation, that would be handy. I'm sure there are other ...more »


MSP N-central

Filter Parameter for Roles/Features

Currently the agent, when installed on a server, returns the installed Roles and Features for that server. It is reported and can be seen under the Asset tab on a Windows Server device. It would be very beneficial to allow filters to be made based off the Roles/Features that are installed on a given server. Currently to do this I am utilizing a custom setup involving "Custom Details" and manually adding the information ...more »


Mail Assure

Allow change in handling for "phishing" emails

At the moment, any email filtered as phishing is rejected, and no notification is sent to the recipient. One of our clients did not receive important emails from a customer because they were incorrectly flagged as phishing and rejected out of hand, with no warning to the client. Please add an option to quarantine phishing emails (instead of outright rejecting) so the recipient can be notified in their digest. At the ...more »


MSP N-central

Allow option for exclusive filters in rules

Currently, rules can only target devices inclusively based on one or more filters, targeting all devices included in them. It'd be helpful to have the ability to *exclude* devices based on filters also. For instance, I want to create update schedules that ensure Domain Controllers don't get rebooted alongside everything else. Currently that means setting up a separate filter that includes class "Servers - Windows" except ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

WebProtect Learn Mode

Some clients use industry specific software for example automotive clients use Mitchel Shop management software. We don't have a list of sites that need to be unblocked. I think it would be helpful to have a mode that we enable for web protect that watches what we are going to do and adds those sites to the white list, when done we stop the "Learn Mode" This specific client wants all non-work related web traffic ...more »


MSP N-central

Add Disabled status option in Active Issues filter

It would be useful to be able to filter services that are in a disabled state in the Active Issues page. This can currently be done already by unselecting all the status' in the filter and selecting the services you are interested in. However, the problem with this is that those services will show up with any status. So it would be good if you could add in a 'Disabled' status next to 'Failed', 'Warning', 'Normal', ...more »


MSP N-central

System Audit Log - overhaul output to make user-readable

I look at any given section of the audit log and can't see the customer, site, or device in question.

I also can't pre/post filter by user/email address in the UI view.

A deviceid is provided in the details to identify the device, but there seems to be no way to see what this corresponds to from within N-Central's UI?