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Search fields for Rules/ServiceTemplates/Filters

Would like to see a search field included in these areas. It is already present in the Script/Software repository, and would be very useful at these other locations. As devices grow, more types are added, and rules cloned and created at the SO level, the lists can get enormous. Since you cant filter out system level service templates, these mixed with SO level templates can be a pain to go through. Would be easier to ...more »


MSP N-central

"Customer with Sites" Filter option

Would like to see the capability to create a filter which looks for key words in the customers name and will then list all devices including devices at the customer sites. The filter Device -> Customer -> Contains -> 'Key word' Will only list devices at the customer level, not devices at the site level. The filter Device -> Customers with Sites Does not have the contains option. Only 'Equal to' or 'Not Equal To' ...more »


MSP N-central

Filter by disabled services

For a while we allowed the ability to Manage services which then allows technician to among things Disable services. Now we sit in the situation that we want to have a report of all services which are currently Disabled, but the Filters in N-central does not allow this. When creating a filter we have: Monitoring | Has at least one service in status | Equal/Not Equal To ------- and then every variant (failed, warning...) ...more »


MSP N-central

Ability to make a report and filter by site

Right now it's possible to filter a report by customer, but not by site.


The only way around this would be to filter by a rule and then we would need to create a rule and a filter for that specific site's devices


But why not being able to see in a report for a customer the respective sites where a device is included in?

Or why not being able to filter by site?


MSP N-central

Show Association Filters, Templates, Task Profiles, Rules

I want to be able to see what Rules, etc are dependent upon a given filter, template, etc.


ie, if I delete a filter, I see a prompt that I shouldn't do that if there are associated rules, but there's no way short of examining *every rule* to know what the associations are.


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