MSP Manager

Auto-Correct Date/Time Entries

It's a bit time consuming to have to make sure that my date/time entries are *perfect* when enter them anywhere. For example, if I enter "3/13/2018 12 PM" it say's it's invalid. Or if I enter "3/13/2018 12:32PM" (missing a space), it says it's invalid. I also can't leave off the AM/PM, or else it's invalid. Most websites use just a little bit of JavaScript to parse a date/time entry to convert a "common sense" (so-to-speak) ...more »


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MSP Manager

Formatting inside of Procedures

Morning, I'd like to request a feature I believe would greatly benefit the MSP manager partner base. Would it be possible to include formatting inside "Procedures" similar to how it's available inside of "Notes"? The current plain text is rather limiting and having the ability to use bullet points, numbering, bold, font size change, etc. would offer more use of Procedures.


Thanks for the consideration!


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Different time format

I would like to see a generalization or a setting of the different time formats found in RM Dashboard. When editing settings there is 12-hour a.m. pm. etc but in the listing there is 24-hour time.

This is not critical but annoying as depending on region you are use to one or another way. Should be a simple dashboard setting in the next version.