MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Group scripts in folders

We would like a way to categorize or group scripts. As our scripts become more complex this becomes a pain point.


We used Kaseya before and enjoy Max much more. But as we write more scripts the list becomes longer and longer to navigate. It takes longer to get a networks script.


The ability to create 1st level folders and upload scripts to the root directory or the sub-directories would help a lot.


Sticky Group Choices

Make my group display choices stay. Since the status views are static, and you can't see changes until the page reloads, it is annoying to have to choose the group (or custom group view) again after refreshing the view. Also, some grouping or division between groups in the multiple groups view would be nice. I will have around 15 groups and 250+ computers (and even more as time goes on) by the time I am done converting ...more »