MSP Service Desk

Auto-Assign Custom Fields

We get these "New Hire" notifications from our HR department. This is automated through their payment system. Here is an example of the body of the ticket: This is a new hire that requires IT needs. Please contact the General Manager for specific needs. Full Name: REDACTED Location: Loc-A109 Job Title: Cashier/Receptionist Start Date: 9/5/2017 I want to use the provided “Location” (In body of ticket) to change the "Location" ...more »

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MSP Manager

More robust filtering for Helpdesk Ticket Lists

Be able to include/exclude customers from the main entry and be able to search with different options such as text, e-mail address, ticket number, ticket number range, status, priority, due date, assigned to, etc this would help if we are focusing on a particular customer or wish to exclude them from the current list displayed and be able to better prioritize our workload a bit. Subsequently allow the search queries to ...more »

Submitted by (@swampfox)

MSP Manager

Auto-Refresh Tickets and Dashboards

We need an option or a button in the UI for the ticket list and statistics, both in the Helpdesk and the Dashboard, to enable/disable auto-refresh at a selected interval, i.e. 1, 3, 5 or 10 minutes. While the existing manual refresh button is helpful when you don't have auto-refresh, it is troubling that every users has to remember to hit the refresh button to determine if something has been changed or a new ticket has ...more »

Submitted by (@erikszaks)

MSP Manager

Move ticket to Unassigned when All Assigned users are removed

When all assigned users are removed from a ticket the ticket should be changed to "unassigned" status.


Currently when a ticket is assigned but no tech is associated it does not appear in either the "My Open Tickets" view or in the "Unassigned tickets" view, thus it is possible for the ticket to get lost in the 'cracks'.

Submitted by (@bluecomp.jim)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Proper HTML/CSS support for email templates in service desk

I would like to see proper support for HTML/CSS in the outgoing email templates in service desk. It's not easy to make a neat template that fits the graphic profile of our company without this. With the help of a more advanced template editor I feel that we can get closer to our customers.


I hope this happens,


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