Mail Assure

Import Historical Data into Archive from Outlook direct or PST!!

I'm incredulous that it does not have a good system to capture all the chaos of PST we have in networks customer and keep it safe on MailAssure. Customers want to have just one mail archive. I would say that the best way is from browser button to upload PST and then the backend mail server MailAssure imports and indexes. Alternatively, you may have a Win32 tool that reas PST and API uploads. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!! ...more »


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MSP N-central

Discovery job import to specific site

I'd like the ability to use 1 probe with multiple discovery jobs where each job would import the discovered assets into a specific site in N-Central. This would help with having the assets show up in the correct site in CW configurations and ensure that technicians can quickly see all devices in a specific site without going through any additional steps. Currently discovery jobs want a probe per site in N-Central which ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Separate Import / Ignore Buttons

Under the Import Discovered Assets menu screen the Import button is right next to the Ignore button. If a newer employee happens to accidently click Ignore and confirm the action when in a rush it can be relatively inconvenient. If there was even a single buttons worth of separation that would make a world of difference.


MSP Service Desk

ServiceDesk - Ability to import / export knowledge base articles

It would be great if we could import and export knowledgebase articles in MAX ServiceDesk. Taking that a step further it would allow MAXfocus to set up a partner portal section where we can upload any generic articles that we put together to share with others. Or maybe have a repository in ServiceDesk itself with public articles that we can import into our own ServiceDesk install or share with others. This way partners ...more »


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MSP Backup & Recovery

IASO CMC: export saved view

As a result of the last CMC update all our saved views (which when saved are stored locally on the workstation) were lost. Currently there is no way to retrieve or rebuild them except starting from scratch.

It would be very helpful and save a lot of time when saved views can be exported so one can import them back when needed. On the same or other workstation!


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Policy Configuration - Import/Export

Some advanced configurations I have for servers have over 150+ file & directory Policy Exclusions which must be entered and removed manually via the web console. It would be much easier to be able to import and export data files (.csv for example) during policy management/creation to ease the administration overhead. Being able to quickly import/export pre-configured policy exclusions via the web console would be a ...more »