MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

If a scan is missed, run on next start after X minute(s).

Managed Antivirus BitDefender poilcy:

Settings: "If a scan is missed, run on next start after X minute(s)"

The option to choose whether this should be for both "Deep Scan" and "Quick Scan".

If a "Deep Scan" is missed in the weeend, it's not necessarily smart to start the Monday morning with a "Deep Scan"

As it is now it seems to perform the latest missed backup type.

Submitted by (@johnjorgensen)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Individual restore of MySQL databases

We are looking for a working solution for individual restore of MySQL databases and it is not a solution to restore a whole database server and then a single database.


We have a working an other solution there makes a .sql file end then backs all the .sql files up.


Would it be possible through MSP Backup or would it the MySQL backup solution not be developed further ?

Submitted by (@johnjorgensen)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Disk Space Check & Removble dreve

Disk Space Check should be modified so that it recognizes the removable drive

How the check should behave should be dependent on setup since a removable drive can be either indifferent and should not fail, just tell that it is not inserted or as in my case it's a Local Speed Vault there have to be present and the check should fail.

Submitted by (@johnjorgensen)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Improve antivirus check for Windows Defender

Improve antivirus check for Windows Defender so the check fails if Windows defender is disabled, and show this in text.

As it is now you can update the definition by a script, even Windows defender do not run, but show that definition is upto date.

This gives a false impression that the Defender is running and upto date. We need to know it's not running

Submitted by (@johnjorgensen)

MSP Service Desk

Hourly Rate, entry minimum

It should be posible to set a time minimum when entering a case entry for a customer using "Hourly Rate"

Fx. working with a ticket in 5 min.

Hourly rate for the customer = 800

Time minimum for an entry (even used time is 5 min.) will automatik be set to => 15 minutes = 200

If working 25 min. price should be 200 as well.

The minimum should apply to time entry below 15 min.

Submitted by (@johnjorgensen)

MSP Risk Intelligence

Executive Summary Report

I would like to see a report that is a high level overview of an "organization". Show the top 5 and bottom 5 "Data Breach Risk by Host" that site/client. Break down the overall percentages of vulnerabilities, by vendor, for the whole site. Give the overall stats for "Unprotected Data Scan Statistics" for the whole site. Include the total liability $ for the entire site/client/organization. Provide totals of the things ...more »

Submitted by (@jschowalter)