MSP N-central

PSA - Support for ConnectWise Merge(d) Tickets

ConnectWise introduced the ability to merge tickets back in July 2016. After trying to verify compatibility with N-Central at the time, we learnt that merged tickets were not supported through N-Central as the associated ticket numbers wouldn't track back correctly after the merge takes place. I assumed that this would mean N-central would talk to ConnectWise about it, but it looks like that never happened or talks halted ...more »

Submitted by (@prejay)

MSP N-central

"Failure to Create Ticket" Alert Emails to include details

I feel really stupid having to request this, but SolarWinds won't do anything without it. Whilst patching our PSA recently and facing outages, we have found that depending on the type of PSA issue you are facing (eg connectivity, backend sql problem), the failure notice you receive from a ticket not being created/updated will always include details of the customer and notification recipient, but for some inexplicable ...more »

Submitted by (@prejay)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

More complete ConnectWise integration

ConnectWise and SolarWinds DO sync endpoint quantities. The issue is that the the actual additions are left under the company in one large bucket. They are not parsed per Agreement Addition. This must be done manually by clicking the checkbox. Issues is that as machines are added and replaced, this becomes cumbersome to do manually and also there is no good way to know to actually DO this. This means, the only way ...more »

Submitted by (@miznunkey)

MSP Manager

RMM Integration - more PSA integration options


We use RMM and MSP Manager. There seems to be a lack of configuration for the integration to MSP Manager. I would like more options of what and how tickets get created. For example, we have our site and devices in RMM to monitor and test on our own Servers and Lab. I would like the option to exclude these from creating tickets in MSP Manager.



Submitted by (@michael.cobden)

MSP N-central

ConnectWise Integration - Multiple Agreements per Agreement Type

Currently, only one Agreement per Agreement Type can be used when integrating with ConnectWise through Billing Profiles, though the functionality in CW exists to have multiple Agreements. Some reasons for the desired functionality: 1. Client with two network infrastructures used for two purposes. We have one client that has 1) their internal network and 2) a hosting network for their clients. They have different contracts ...more »

Submitted by (@nathaniel.mclean)

MSP N-central

Autotask - use Parent Account Contract

In Autotask, many of our Accounts are children of another account. The Child account may not have a Contract of its own, but instead utilizes the Parent Account's contract. We are unable to assign the Parent Account contract in N-Central mapping. Please allow us to choose the Parent Account's contracts in customer mappings.

Submitted by (@pcnet.andy)

MSP N-central

NCentral billing time to PSA only if self healing is successful

Currently there is no way to configure the self healing function of NCentral to bill time to your PSA only if the self heal has been successful. I would love to see a method to allow NCentral implemented to bill time and change the status of a ticket if the self healing function which has been run has been successful. There is a thread about this in the PSA section of the forums. ...more »

Submitted by (@acantwell)