MSP Manager

Ability to add Discounts or Negative Costs to Expenses

We recently held a computer too long and wanted to discount a customer the labor costs of setup and delivery. We added the original labor amount and then attempted to add another expense but with a negative number (so we don't forget when it flips to quickbooks online) but it does not seem to allow negative numbers. Please add either a discounts section or allow negative numbers to be added to cost values since we can ...more »


MSP Service Desk

Flag Invoices to be emailed in Quickbooks when transfered

It is becoming more difficult to keep track of invoices when they are transferred to quickbooks for the service desk. My staff is having to keep manual notes on which invoice is transferred so they don't get missed when sending them to clients. It only makes sense to flag these to either print or email later in quickbooks when transferring the data.

MSP Service Desk

MaxDesk Ideas

1. Adding criteria to SLA to choose 'contract' customers 2. Option of adding more than one attachment to new tickets and responses 3. More text formatting options including highlighting, colours, etc. Response windows are still clunky and freeze 4. When closing a ticket, the opinion to print the invoice there and then 5. When viewing old tickets under the 'customer' to see the ticket close dates 6. When time tracking, ...more »


MSP Backup & Recovery

Managed Online Backup add qty to billing report

When I'm calculating billing for backup I have to "do the math" to figure what quantity is being billed for backup on the monthly invoice so I can in turn properly charge my customers on their invoice. This is not too difficult at .50 per GB (multiply charge by 2) but as I add more customers and get to a discount level this will be more difficult.


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