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Submitted by (@jfour00)

Add Knowledge Base to the Mobile App

The Knowledge base is an excellent resource for techs on the go. It is searchable for tickets, articles and assets and allows file attachments. The ability to look up anything from admin passwords to how-to documentation should be at a tech's fingertips. The knowledge base is a vital resource that should be a prominent part of the Max Service Desk mobile app.

MSP Service Desk

Submitted by (@obyone89)

ServiceDesk - Ability to import / export knowledge base articles

It would be great if we could import and export knowledgebase articles in MAX ServiceDesk. Taking that a step further it would allow MAXfocus to set up a partner portal section where we can upload any generic articles that we put together to share with others. Or maybe have a repository in ServiceDesk itself with public articles that we can import into our own ServiceDesk install or share with others. This way partners ...more »

MSP Service Desk

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Fix knowledgebase attachments (and/or allow inline images)

As is, you can only add one attachment. Edit -> Browse, attach the file, and save. If you go back and edit the article to add another attachment, that replaces the existing attachment with the file attached last. With no way to do inline images either (although there is an 'add video' link???), this makes the knowledgebase somewhat useless to us.