MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Patch Mgmt./Languard should show Date Installed

Patch Management / Languard should show Date Installed, even if not installed by Languard. Many of the patches have the information available, e.g. when querying Windows Update. It is nice to know if Languard installed a patch, or not, so perhaps add another column to South Pane for that indication.


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Patch failed Count

there is currently no option as to how often a Patch on a certain device failed.


Currently all reports are listing the "Currently listed as failed" patches - or the Total number of Failures of all patches.


Here a Counter-Indicator would be useful

Something like "only warn when x failed more than 3 times" would be a perfect end result.


Need Visibility into Unapproved Patches

Currently, there can be a mismatch between patches that Microsoft/other vendors identify as applicable to a system, and patches that are available from GFI, because they have not yet been tested and approved for release by GFI. We need to be able to see these patches. Without having systems able to scan for them, and GFI able to display them in the console, we run the risk of having unpatched systems. System administrators ...more »


Need Faster Approval of Patches by GFI

The GFI Team (whether Cloud or LanGuard) needs to do a FASTER job of approving patches for distribution. I recently experienced (and support confirmed) that patches available directly from Microsoft had been delayed for over two months in their availability to Cloud. This is unacceptable, as it puts client systems at risk. Unless Microsoft has experienced issues regarding a particular patch or withdrawn a patch (neither ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Integration with GFI Languard

We have clients who wish to run an on premise solution for patch and asset management as they want to control this independantly of their MSP. Obviously we want the benefit of getting this information and management capability through the GFI Max console (so we can take it over at times to provide holiday cover etc.) and so it woulld be beneficial to be able to deploy GFI Languard then manage it through our Max console ...more »