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Key based authentication options

With security being such a issue in the Cloud world. We would love to have key based authentication options for Linux servers. This should include all SSH session connections like asset scans, agent installs, scripting, and would be cool if it could do the RC SSH (not holding breath on that one) I see this implemented as a key file upload or text entry on the device or org level in to a secure Key store. It should be ...more »


MSP Backup & Recovery

Option to exclude non-local filesystems from Linux backup

On Linux servers, the MSP Backup by default backups all mounted filesystems, included non-local filesystems like NFS mounted filesystems. Since these filesystems are already backuped on the fileserver, it is unnecessary to back them up again on all other servers that have these filesystems mounted. Of course it is possible to exclude these network filesystems on an individual basis by using excludes, but that makes it ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Linux Monitoring Template

Hi, I shocked me to discover that I couldn't create or copy existing monitoring checks from a Linux server like you can from Windows Servers. I understand the Linux monitoring, tasks and automation aren't quite as advanced as the Windows options, but I expected the Monitoring Template Options to be on par between Windows and Linux. I can't quite get my head round whys its not available. RMM can do already do the checks, ...more »


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MSP N-central

MSP Connect for Linux

We use Linux (Ubuntu) as client OS and we need to use MSP Connect to get control of customers machines.

So we need a MSP Connect Viewer for Linux.


Already exists the version for OSX and ANDROID that are freebsd / linux based systems, so it should not be complex to make a viewer for Linux.


Please make this available


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