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System tray local file

Hi MaxRemote Team,


it would be nice if the system tray option "local file" would also support files from a network drive.


When i try to integrate a file from a network drive e.g \\fileserver\directory\file.exe i just get the error "requested file could not be found".


I also tried to accomplish this by using file:\\server\directory\file.exe using the hyperlink type.





MSP Backup & Recovery

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status check for the synchronization

Hi LogicNow, We like to see additional options to the Synchronization status in de Backup Manager. What we can see now is that the Synchronization to LSV is at 33% and at the Remote Storage it is at 89%. We like to see some additional information like: - How many data needs to be processed, how many data is already processed and how many data is left to be processed - What is exactly processed, wich data and folders ...more »


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

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The local agent login exposes usernames

On newer agents (9.8.5 in particular), when you run it locally, it has the username filled in already. I used the Remote Worker site installation package on a system, then ran the Agent locally and it showed the email/login for our main Agent Key username. I logged in with my credentials, then the next time I ran the Agent it had my email/login stored.


The username box should be blank by default.

MSP Backup & Recovery

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Reports and status checks for Local Speed Vaults

The Local Speed vault needs to have some reporting or alerting available in order to manage space, alert on failed writes to devices, etc. In many cases, this service will be used outside of RMM and the ability for the backup provider to discover hardware issues. So it is imperitive that local speed vaults be checked for consistency, compared against cloud storage and reported on separately from the online storage status. ...more »


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

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User account management

I'd really like to see an option to manage local user accounts. For example, it'd be nice to say, "I want the default local 'Administrator' account to be disabled on all machines across all sites. I want a new local account called 'MSPadmin' to be created with password 'hunter2', and I want it added to the Administrators group." And then it would be nice to easily update the password as needed. I can do this with ...more »

MSP Backup & Recovery

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Local Backups Before Sending to Cloud

We would love to see an option to perform local backups to the LocalSpeedVault first and then sending data to the Cloud. The process should be quicker, even with compression. Then with the compression process already completed, sending the data to Cloud storage directly from the LocalSpeedVault should also be quicker. Now you have more efficient local backups as well as efficient local recovery. An alteration of this ...more »


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MSP Backup & Recovery

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Backup to Local Only - no cloud storage

I have used another cloud backup software that allows you to backup ONLY to local storage or network storage without backing up to the cloud at all. Since there is no cloud storage they simply charge a software license monthly fee of $5 to use their software.


I have several customers that love this and I need GFI MAX Backup to support this before moving all our customers over. PLEASE ADD! :)

MSP Backup & Recovery

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Managed Online Backup Initial Data Transfer

Implement a process to perform backups of large amounts of data (500GB+) to a Local Vault which can be shipped to the data center so that subsequent backups (i.e. differential/incremental) can quickly be updated overnight. As it stands now a 500GB backup over ADSL will take 90 days. There has to be a faster way.


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