Solarwinds Take Control

Lock device when last remote session end

We have set the option "Lock device when the remote session ends" on all servers. Sometimes a second technician joins the TC Session to assist. When he end his session, the device gets lock, regardless that the first technician is still logged in.


So pls alter the option

from "Lock device when the remote session ends"

to "Lock device when the last remote session ends"


Lock / pop-out for the LOGICcards window

I would like to see the option to "lock" the LOGICcards window and/or to be able to open it in an pop-up. While working with the LOGICcards you will probably want to investigate / resolve notifications. Sometimes there are a couple of different clients / sites with the same problem, each that require a couple of steps "behind the scene's" (for example: long uptime, you want to check when backups run and schedule a restart ...more »


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Lock down remote management console

I am concerned that the entire GFI sales and support team has full access to my remote management dashboard and although you can artificially kind of lock it down by creating a Super User and disallowing the GFI assigned user credentials to access the console I was told that realistically the only way to know if a rep turns access back on and then off again is to watch the logs. I was told that they do not have access ...more »


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