Assign via E-Mail MISSING from LogicCards

Bring Back the Assign Task via e-mail option from LogicCards. We do not use the ServiceDesk option. We have tried several times, it's just not ready for prime time, missing features, etc.


We used the Assign via e-mail to send LogicCards to our support queue. This was fairly easy and USEFUL and now it's just gone.


Bring the option back!


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Remove Max/LogicNow mentions in client branded dashboard

There are certain areas of the dashboard that do not show our info/branding when a client logs in, even though the client has been properly assigned the "Client" role: 1. Under the Help button dropdown on the top right, when you click on Support Center one of the options shown is LogicBlog, which goes to a logicnow site. 2. Under the same button, clicking About shows "For all enquiries please contact MAXfocus US on ...more »


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