MSP Manager

Login page customization - Login fields integration

Hello, With MSP Manager, there is already a feature that allows us to get a custom URL to use MSP Manager. That's great, but it could be even better if we had the possibility to customize the login page. We could imagine several ways to implement this, but the most convenient and easy way would be to provide us a bloc of code that we could integrate in our own company websites. It's a feature that some remote control ...more »


Mail Assure

Backup Code Prompt When Setting Up 2FA

When a user sets up two-factor authentication in Mail Assure, there is no recovery code given after finishing setup. When logging into Mail Assure, there is no prompt for a recovery code, and nowhere to put in a recovery code in case a user encounters issues with 2FA. After a user sets up 2FA for their login, they have a button which provides them with Backup Codes in case they encounter issues with 2FA (this provides ...more »


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MSP N-central

Login page allow domain default or selection

Right now I have to type out my full active directory domain name to log into N-Central to log in with my AD account. This is really annoying. Allow selection of a default domain so that if just a user name is entered, it assumes it's in AD, and if not it looks at local users. If only one AD domain is integrated, then make an assumption that it should be the default domain. OR Have a drop down box for domain selection. ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Please Add Session Timeout Options for the Portal

Please add a setting which allows you to set the desired session timeout value. For instance, it would be great to be allowed to be logged in for one working day even if you don't click around every two minutes. This is the same request that's was made for the MSP Service Desk. As the administrator of the portal I would like to have control over the log out time. I assume the risk if I change away from the default setting. ...more »


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Expand IP address restriction to user level

With more end users being granted access to the dashboard, it would be a significant security enhancement to be able to restrict a user/group/client login to an IPaddress/range/geographic location (GeoIP restrictions).


It would also significantly enhance security by allowing technicians to log in from our office or their home but not other IP addresses..


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

automatic wallchart login

Before introducing the SSO for LogicNow Services via navigatorlogin.com it was possible to login to wallchart by opening https://dashboardgermany1.systemmonitor.eu.com/ui_wallchart.php?username=XXXXXXXXX&password=XXXXXXXXXXX

This feature ist important for unattended displays, showing the wallchart only. Please bring this feature back - there are three empty wallchart-displays in our company right now.


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Better contrast in Login box form

Whenever we have cleared our cookies and cache, we need to login again to logicCARDS (every morning actually). My question is this: Because you have used a shade of grey (no pun intended), that is so near white, it can be very difficult to see where to actually enter your credentials and PW. Would it be possible to make the areas of entry a darker colour, so that we don't have to use extra time on something like this? ...more »


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