MSP Backup & Recovery

Automated LSV Deactivation Improvement

Recently the functionality to automatically remove a LSV if not available for 2 weeks straight has been introduced.

However there is a flaw in this logic as this also applies to devices, which are simply offline for a certain amount of time.

If the LSV is in "failed" state and the device goes offline for two weeks, the LSV will be removed upon the next device boot.

This should not happen in my eyes.


MSP Backup & Recovery

Local Speed Vault retention

We would like to be able to have a separate retention period for the LSV and MAXBackup Cloud.


This would enable us to keep some client data (1-3 Months) in "hot storage" for fast restores locally and then have this, in addition the rest of the data in the MAXBackup Cloud storage for the longer part of the retention.