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Submitted by (@madelineoryx)

Schedule uninstall AV Defender maintenance window

We lost a client to another IT company and they want us to remove AV Defender at 12:00am.

Instead of me having to create the AV Defender uninstall rule or bulk removal of AVD ( at midnight, I propose we have an uninstall maintenance window so that we can schedule the uninstall.

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Submitted by (@sabir.ahmed)

Linking Patch Management Windows

Not sure if this has been previously posted but it's similar to something I have previously requested for the same reasoning. I think it would be a nice touch to Patch Management if you could schedule the windows to run after a previous maintenance window. So, for instance, if the pre-download takes 1.5 hours, it will start the installation as soon as the pre-download is done. Or, failing that, it just starts it after ...more »

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Submitted by (@achapman)

Maintenance windows as schedule variables / scripting triggers

I think it would be of benefit if a device's maintenance windows were available as scripting triggers.


So if there's tasks we wish to perform in sync with a device's existing windows, we can just set it to 'run 60 minutes before reboot' rather than make multiple different scheduled task profiles.

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Submitted by (@joncz.doiseriouslyneedatleast6characters)

Triggered Reboot

There's two parts to this feature request. I want a new type of Reboot Maintenance Window added (or add an option to the existing Scheduled Reboot Maintenance Window). This reboot would only occur if Reboot Required is true; otherwise its options would resemble the existing reboot maintenance windows. Use case here is different devices or clients have different acceptable windows to restart systems. Having the Reboot ...more »

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Submitted by (@wmassingham)

Separate start and end dates for downtime windows

We have clients that close seasonally. We'd like to set up downtime to match this (e.g. second week of October to second week of April). Currently we have to split it up into three windows: one for the two weeks in April, one for two weeks in October, and one for the whole months in between.

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Submitted by (@wmorgan)

Chose specific services to put into downtime maintenance window

I know we can just toggle the monitoring of specific services to off, but we'd like the ability to have them automatically turn back on after a set amount of time - similar to downtime maintenance windows at the device level. This will help us keep from getting spammed by services that continue to bounce between normal/failed/misconfigured/whatever while they are being worked on BUT without the risk of someone disabling ...more »

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Submitted by (@nic.daines)

MSP Connect - Software Upgrades and Download Schedules

Enhancement requests for MSP Connect


- Ability to schedule updates to the software through Maintenance Windows

- Ability to use 'Upgrade Now' functionality

- Ability to cache the download on the probe rather then all computers downloading from the internet. Or some kind of Update Server like with AVD.


This functionality is important in areas with limited internet access or metered connections.