MSP Backup & Recovery

Reporting for Compliancy

I would like to see a way to pull historical report of device actions. from CMC we can currently open device history and see either last 28 days or all sessions. Specifically, for SOX reporting, we have to show all backup and restore activity for 90 days. currently, I have to open the all session history and scroll to the start date of last quarter, highlight all entries to end date of quarter, and copy and paste. this ...more »

Submitted by (@wayne.jondle)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Site concentrator web UI

Hello, Some of our partners use the site concentrator. It's useful, but not really handy: - we don't know what is is actually doing, and what it is going to do later during the day (as we speak, debug.log and DryDockService.log are not usable to know what is happening) - we can't manage how it downloads files and updates So, if possible, we would like to see a web UI similar to the one we have when using Backup & Recovery ...more »

Submitted by (@hotline)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Global patching freeze option

Over the Christmas period and other holidays my company occasionally requests a patch freeze - to prevent issues occurring when we have minimal staff in. An option to halt patching with one switch - or to be set via a paused time frame across all the customers we support would be ideal as currently I would have to go through and adjust each individual one.

Submitted by (@richard.nolan)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Patches pending should show length of time

The tool tip on the Patches Pending dot in the North pane just says "pending". It would be much more useful if it showed how long they have been pending so that we can identify systems that are being turned off in the evening or for some other reason are not performing updates. The number of updates pending would also be nice.

Submitted by (@austin)

MSP N-central

Improvements patch mngt

Right now there is no good or easy distinction between missing patches which are approved and failed installations of the approved patches. Besides that the monitoring has a constant failed patch status, due to limitations in the service templates and thresholds. Besides that. If we approved patches, the patch status changes directly to failed. This is because the approved patch are (still) missing. This is true but not ...more »

Submitted by (@a.borgart)


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MSP N-central

Limit simultaneous remote control sessions

I would like an option to globally, or per customer restrict the number of concurrent remote control / remote management sessions. For customers with certain compliance requirements, we need to ensure we can account for every remote control session and change made on a per-tech basis. Maintaining a unique set of credentials for every device in every customer environment for each of our Technicians is not easy. If we ...more »

Submitted by (@brollins)

MSP N-central

Increased filter granularity

I'd liked to be able to define a filter for each of the following items: Monitoring - Patch Status - Critical Updates Monitoring - Patch Status - Security Updates Monitoring - Patch Status - Reboot Required Currently the most granularity I'm able to find is to the Patch Status level which isn't all that helpful. I'd like to be able to use the filter for Critical Updates to associate Maintenance Windows for installing ...more »

Submitted by (@andrew1)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Run Task on Check Failure to include Vulnerability scan

The ability to run a task on a check failure is essential to automating resolutions to common problems. Since we are having to manage the VulnScan regularly, it would be advantageous to be able to run some "quick Fixes" to see if those can solve the issues prior to our involvement. Several people have come up with (mostly) automated ways of dealing with some of the vuln scan issues. But it still takes time to kick ...more »

Submitted by (@shieldedge)