MSP Manager

MSP Manager Scheduling Options

I would like some more options in MSP Manager. 1. The colours for the techs are too close together in some cases. Being able to select my own colours for the techs would be helpful. 2. If I move or delete an appointment, many other appointments will shift around. It would be so much better if each tech had his own column so that all of their calls would line up. This would make the colours for the techs redundant. 3. ...more »


MSP N-central

Report Manager - Executive Summary Report

Specifically within the anti-virus section, I would like a parameter which let's me define the device class(es) to include. The problem I run into with this report is that I want to display results of Workstation / Laptop devices separately from Servers. The reason for this is that very often servers (think file servers especially) have significantly more threat detection's than an average desktop device. This means ...more »


MSP Manager

Procedure Templates

Would like the ability to create procedure templates the same way that you can create service item templates. This could be useful for Clients that have similar procedures that have 1 or 2 fundamental changes but overall are the same. This would minimise the amount of time spent copying and pasting the same procedure into multiple client records.


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MSP Backup & Recovery

status check for the synchronization

Hi LogicNow, We like to see additional options to the Synchronization status in de Backup Manager. What we can see now is that the Synchronization to LSV is at 33% and at the Remote Storage it is at 89%. We like to see some additional information like: - How many data needs to be processed, how many data is already processed and how many data is left to be processed - What is exactly processed, wich data and folders ...more »


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MSP Backup & Recovery

Local Backups Before Sending to Cloud

We would love to see an option to perform local backups to the LocalSpeedVault first and then sending data to the Cloud. The process should be quicker, even with compression. Then with the compression process already completed, sending the data to Cloud storage directly from the LocalSpeedVault should also be quicker. Now you have more efficient local backups as well as efficient local recovery. An alteration of this ...more »


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Add Service Manager Check

A check needs to be added specifically for "Unable to connect to service manager". This inability resulted in 17 Windows Service Checks being failed (all of which had to be individually cleared by hand - deeply annoying).

If a higher level error prevents the actual status of dependent checks from being known, they should not be shown as failed.


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management


On a costumer we had some trouble when the MAV was installed. It gave us a BSOD. "BSOD stop code 0x1000008e, parameter 1 c0000005, parameter 2 b7e9e48f, parameter 3 b15ea8e0, parameter 4 000" When digging in to the problem we saw that an old Panda Manager still was running on some clients. When removing this by using the command "pavagent -a:uninstall" the computers was stable. The initiating smart scan should check ...more »