MSP Manager

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RMM generated tickets notification options

When a new ticket gets created via an RMM outage it should be able to be handled separately from general ticket creation. These need to be assignable to specific users to get notifications. Currently there is no way to differentiate the ticket source and route the notifications differently. WE had to turn off all RMM ticket creation for now because, while we want to be notified of a client generated ticket, those users ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

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Abiilty to Set Max No. of Workstations & Servers at Client level

In some cases we may want to set the maximum allowed number of Workstations and Servers for a Client. If an agent is installed into one of the Client's sites that would result in the max. being exceeded, then the device should not be added to the dashboard and the install should return an appropriate error message. We should be able to set the max. allowed via the API and the add/edit Client Dashboard GUI. If left ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

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Additional information added to ticket names

Under Settings > PSA Integration > Configure, the name format is lacking. It would be more helpful if it could include additional failure information. Such examples where this would be most useful: Company - DC01 - Managed Antivirus - 2 items in Quarantine Company - EXCHANGE - Windows Service Check - Transport Service - 7 Consecutive Failures Company - DC01 - Failed Login Check - 8700 Failed Logins Adding this additional ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

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Client Bypass of Web Protection

Would like for the end-user have ability to request a whitelist or whitelist a blocked website themselves. This can be done by clicking on a "Proceed Anyway" button, submitting a built-in whitelist request form, or bypass by entering their dashboard credentials. A check box could be available indicating "I understand this website was being blocked for my protection and wish to proceed anyway."