MSP N-central

Automatic MDM activation / registration logging

Adding devices to MDM is usually a simple process, however, in cases where there are issues getting a device to register properly within the system (or, for instance, update owner information within MDM once registered), it is a very painful / laborious process to determine WHY that is happening and troubleshoot. The reason? Evidently there is no logging from the MDM app that is enabled/done by default, so it requires ...more »


MSP N-central

Submit and cancel buttons obstructed when keyboard is active iOS

Submit and cancel buttons get obstructed by either the software keyboard or the autocomplete row when using a keyboard. You have to dismiss the keyboard to choose the option, causing an extra unnecessary step. It should either be pinned to the top of the keyboard so it is never blocked by the keyboard. It might also be even better to map single/double tap to opening the selected customer.


MSP N-central

Add support for mobile web browsers

The N-Central web interface should be updated to support mobile web browsers. As someone who works on iOS on occasion the N-Central mobile app doesn't cut it. I can load the web page, but I cannot navigate lower than the System level. Practical Use Cases for this: Running scripts and automation tasks that aren't the built in ones that the N-Central App Supports Sending/Copying a download link for Agents/Probes/Antivirus ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Teamviewer for Mobile

We use Teamviewer to remote to computers and servers. There is also a teamviewer app for mobile devices. It would be extremely beneficial if this teamviewer option were made available for the mobile devices on Max Remote Management. I have to use a separate system JUST to remote to my mobiles because I can not use your version and the other version interchangeably . Please add the option for the mobile devices to utilize ...more »


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