MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Active Discovery - Connection alerts

Hello, It would be really handy to trigger some alerts when using Active Discovery: Here are some examples: 1/ The ability to set an alert when a given MAC address is connected to a mananged network 2/ The ability to get an alert each time a new device is connected to the managed network, or the first time it is connected These alerts would be SMS/Emails, and/or a visual warning within the dashboard. (just like a monitoring ...more »

Submitted by (@hotline)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Linux Monitoring Template

Hi, I shocked me to discover that I couldn't create or copy existing monitoring checks from a Linux server like you can from Windows Servers. I understand the Linux monitoring, tasks and automation aren't quite as advanced as the Windows options, but I expected the Monitoring Template Options to be on par between Windows and Linux. I can't quite get my head round whys its not available. RMM can do already do the checks, ...more »

Submitted by (@michael.cobden)

MSP N-central

Diskspace and hardware monitoring or agent for NAS devices

It would be great if there was an agent to be installed on Qnap or Synology NAS devices which could check the disk status, disk health, Backup tasks & firmware upgrades, diskspace monitoring etc. Just like for workstations and servers. Right now we're using SMNP and service templates for Synology and QNAP. But basic and relevant information is still not available. Especially monitoring diskspace and set/use thresholds ...more »

Submitted by (@a.borgart)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Add Windows Service Check - Service Dropdown

The fact that the services drop down list is unsearchable is unforgivable. This is especially apparent when there are thousands of services when creating monitoring templates. There needs to be a way of filtering / searching for checks using a searchable drop down which is a standard UI element.

Submitted by (@markscottuk)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Ability to check Applications and Services Logs Event Viewer

We would like to check for when certificates will expire. When a certificate renewal is due, an Event if generated under Applications and Services Logs > Microsoft > Windows > CertificateServicesClient-Lifecycle-System > Operational with ID 1003. At present the remote monitoring platform cannot monitor any sub-categories within Event Viewer. As Microsoft are now utilising these more and more, it would be good to be able ...more »

Submitted by (@dtyates)

MSP N-central

Option to set threshold for monitoring on device as non-override

As we work with Service template it's not possible (or an option) to set an individueel threshold on a single device. Instead we need to create a new template just to vary one threshold. It would be very helpfull to be able to set a threshold and use an option "non override" for example on a single device which can't be overridden by the daily service template update. At the moment we have a lot of false positives because ...more »

Submitted by (@a.borgart)


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Checkbox for hiding offline devices

Is it possible to create a checkbox to have the option to hide and show offline devices?


Daily i need to check a lot of workstations, because there are always a couple workstations offline for a couple of days and longer the checks in the monitoring stays red and does not show an actual and reliable state.


I would love to see a checkbox (as shown in the example).

Submitted by (@rdjong)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Monitoring Active Jobs more easily (e.g MAV scans, Backups)

With the addition of features over the last few years, there's now a number of potential jobs that could be running on a server or workstation, some of these jobs are: - backups - antivirus scanning - patch management installation Currently, if we want to see if any of these jobs are running it would require someone to go to the machine in question and view the relevant south pane tab. This is very time consuming, say ...more »

Submitted by (@bag3ls)