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Save Session History Notes

In the Problem Description and Session History sections of the MSP Anywhere Technician Console, there are places to take notes, but they are not saved on the console or in the Admin Area.


I would like the ability to save notes in the console, and be able to view them later on the console and in the Admin Area Session History section.


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Take Control MSP Anywhere - Sound from remote device

This is for the take control feature in RMM using the MSP anywhere engine. If this is more appropriate for the MSP Anywhere campaign please feel free to move but as it comes under RMM umbrella I've put here initially. In teamviewer you're able to configure the sound to come through from the device you're remotely connected to, this might be used to help diagnose a sound related issue. Unfortunately this option doesn't ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

MSP Anywhere for RMM missing System Information Tab

MSP Anywhere, the standalone remote support tool has a system information tab which shows everything from installed software, CPU and RAM usage etc...for some reason on the RMM version (literally identical) its had the system information tab removed. crazy decision and someone should tick the box to put it on......feature request asap please.


Solarwinds Take Control

Automated reporting

We provide our clients with a monthly remote-control report through N-Central to let them know when we’ve connected to their machines. I know that there is a report I can run through MSPAnywhere to do the same, but we'd really need to be able to schedule those reports for it to be useful. Right now there is a hole in our client reporting.


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

MSP Anywhere lacking C++ 2008 Redistributable package

Adding MSP Anywhere to lots of clients is told to be lacking Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable package for x86 Architectures:, techsupport tells me today This fails TC installation. I am annoyed by this: Advanced Monitoring agent is running as system, and has all the rights to install anything. If I tell MSP to use MSP Anywher, than PLEASE simply Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable package for ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Notify user when remote session is closed

At this time, in MSP Anywhere or MSP Connect, there is not a feature that notifies the remote user that the technician has disconnected from the computer, although there is feature that do the opposite . The users complaint that they dont have a notification that we disconnected from their computer once we close the session. Suggest to add a feature so users are notified at the end of the session that we have disconnected ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Option to set default shared clipboard behaviour.

We have noticed odd clipboard behaviour when some of our technicians happen to have open sessions to the same server. For example: Technician 1 has an open session to Server1 and Technician 2 has open sessions to other servers but also to Server1. If Technician 1 copies some text then Technician 2 pastes in a session or on a local computer they paste the text Technician 1 copied. This causes some confusion and could ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Support using MSP Anywhere through an RDP connection (iOS)

At the moment you can only use the RMM App on iOS to access the TakeControl feature but there a quite a few situations that require an RDP connection onto a device / dashboard and then using the TakeControl feature from there on. When using a RDP connection from an iOS device, i.e. through the app Parallels, to connect onto a device then using the TakeControl feature from there on causes MSP Anywhere to run into multiple ...more »