MSP Backup & Recovery

Allow setting performance limits within backup profiles

Currently, it is possible to script installation of backup software via the "Automatic Deployment" option, but if there are many PCs being installed at once, the initial backup may saturate the upload bandwidth for an unacceptable amount of time. Adding an option to set & schedule performance limits for devices using a given backup profile would allow for greater usage of the "Automatic Deployment" option for large ...more »

Submitted by (@tyler.helwig)

MSP N-central

Need to creat new threshold for MSP Backup Product Status

If a Partner does not use N-Central / Agent for MSP Backup deployment and uses monitor service MSP Backup Product Status they will get a warning for Threshold - Installation Status of Installed Product is not managed This threshold should only be a true or false for the installation of the MSP Backup. There should be another threshold strictly for Installed Product is not managed At this time the only work around is ...more »

Submitted by (@robert.harrison)

MSP N-central

Add Performance schedules to MSPBackup Profiles

We would like to see the Performance schedules added to the profiles. Profiles are great but if we still have to logon to configure the performance (To slow the upload down during business hours for example) then it has some room for improvement.

We are talking specifically about setting performance upload and download limits which are done in "Preferences" > "Performance"

Submitted by (@wilkinsit)