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"Inddicate to the end user" for MSP Connect should work on macOS

I tried to report this as a bug to customer support, but they told me to make a feature request, so here goes.


I can set in Remote Control Settings -> MSP Connect -> "Indicate to the end user when machine is being remote controlled". This setting does not make any difference on macOS clients.


Please fix this feature not working on macOS.

Submitted by (@henrik.huhtinen)

MSP N-central

Force MSP Connect to negotiate with new server

We have a LOT of issues where the device is either unreachable, or the connection is really bad and frequently disconnects. We've had a large number of techs test and when we're able to trick the agent into connecting to a new server in the pool the issue is resolved. It'd be nice to have something from the N-Central side to tell a device to re-negotiate with the server pools and get a connection (dump all config files, ...more »

Submitted by (@paultm)

MSP N-central

Improvements for MSP Connect

Show a pop-up window confirming the tech has disconnected from the session. We often stay connected accidentally or the client wants to be sure we are disconnected. We usually close the blue pop-up window showing that "So and So has Connected" remotely, but we also need a confirmation saying when we've DISconnected. Allow the End User to disconnect if desired. All other remote tools have this functionality. Also ...more »

Submitted by (@cyberdocsebastian)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Auto acknowledge after 60 seconds to close session MSP Connect

Hi all i have the following situation. As technical contact i have MSP Connect remote session with a customers pc. We tell them that it is all fixed and, we are closing the session. Direct after i hang up, i click top right off my screen the X to close the remote control session. Direcly after this, my phones going again and going to support another customer. in the meanwhile if forget to acknowledge that i want to ...more »

Submitted by (@yoeri.oppelaar)