MSP Manager

Submitted by (@watsoft)

Client active for a certain amount of time

set a client to active for a certain amount of time then when it reached that the client will automatically be inactive.

It can help to make sure that a clint wont have support if his contract is expired

I know we can set an expiration date on service plan but techs have to work fast so it's easier to remove the client in the list

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@john.cottier)

MSP Manager Scheduling Options

I would like some more options in MSP Manager. 1. The colours for the techs are too close together in some cases. Being able to select my own colours for the techs would be helpful. 2. If I move or delete an appointment, many other appointments will shift around. It would be so much better if each tech had his own column so that all of their calls would line up. This would make the colours for the techs redundant. 3. ...more »

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@robitqed)

Limit Service Item

It would be great to see a feature added that either lets us 'cap' a service item to stop the client going over their contract, or even set a 'notification level' which notifies the customer once they are at a certain percentage of the allotted service item.

It seems odd that there is no such feature yet, as this is basic functionality of a helpdesk system that would come in really handy.

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@johanyzelle)

Responding to Tickets should reply-to User who logged the ticket

Hi There,


When responding to tickets I think it should automatically add the ticket logger to the respond to.

It should work as an email system where you can just reply to the ticket logger.


We use our ticketing system not only for N-Central but for other products we sell as well so we cannot add all the contacts of people logging tickets.

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@murray)

Ability to customise/add tiles on Dashboard - Aging Tickets etc

It would be very useful (and I think very easy) to be able to customise the 5 tile buttons that sit below the "my stats" section on "My Dashboard"

Specifically being able to add things like "unassigned tickets" or "My open tickets" etc.

Being able to customise this per user would be very helpful.

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@oscarholst)

Kanban workflow synchronized with MSP Manager

This may be a rock in the sky or a freaking brilliant idea! Imagine a "Trello" look-a-like or why not an integration between? Imagine a Kanban board totally synchronized with MSP Manager, allowing technicians to easily see when and who's working on which task, a possibility to split a ticket into two tasks shared between two co-workers for example.. Imagine a graphical kanban flow for MSP Manager system.. I would bet ...more »

MSP Manager

Submitted by (@it247nw)

Notes on MSP Manager App

When we use the app and add a 'note' onto a ticket, we don't have the option to copy in our tech teams email address to keep them updated. We can do this on the web page no problem.


The tech team came back and said add a 'contact' under each client - however we can only add the one email address onto 1 client, not the other 60 we have on the portal.


We need a solution please