MSP Manager

Ability to customise/add tiles on Dashboard - Aging Tickets etc

It would be very useful (and I think very easy) to be able to customise the 5 tile buttons that sit below the "my stats" section on "My Dashboard"

Specifically being able to add things like "unassigned tickets" or "My open tickets" etc.

Being able to customise this per user would be very helpful.

Submitted by (@murray)

MSP Manager

Kanban workflow synchronized with MSP Manager

This may be a rock in the sky or a freaking brilliant idea! Imagine a "Trello" look-a-like or why not an integration between? Imagine a Kanban board totally synchronized with MSP Manager, allowing technicians to easily see when and who's working on which task, a possibility to split a ticket into two tasks shared between two co-workers for example.. Imagine a graphical kanban flow for MSP Manager system.. I would bet ...more »

Submitted by (@oscarholst)

MSP Manager

Notes on MSP Manager App

When we use the app and add a 'note' onto a ticket, we don't have the option to copy in our tech teams email address to keep them updated. We can do this on the web page no problem.


The tech team came back and said add a 'contact' under each client - however we can only add the one email address onto 1 client, not the other 60 we have on the portal.


We need a solution please



Submitted by (@it247nw)

MSP Manager

Automatic rate changes

Here's my scenario. We offer Remote Sessions with our clients but their is a $45 fee regardless if the session lasts 2 minutes or 20. After 30 minutes of the remote session our rate drops to $22.50 an hour. So first 30 minutes is $45, anything else after that is $22.50 an hour. The feature I'm requesting would allow this to be possible without having to manually enter the calculated bill for the ticket through a new Service ...more »

Submitted by (@mad.data24)

MSP Manager

Option to simplify billing workflow

Currently the billing workflow is a multi step process to end up with invoices in Xero.

1. +New Billing Batch

2. Review tickets/charges

3. Run Billing Batch

4. Create Invoices

5. Export To Xero


It would be great if we can creat a standard workflow and run it. e.g.

1. Review tickets from "Service Utilization"

2. Run workflow which will automatically run steps 3 - 5 above.

Submitted by (@alan.blair)

MSP Manager

Billing/Service Utilization List, filter & links to tickets

So that tickets/billing can be checked before creating a "Billing Batch", when starting the billing process the Service Utilization table shoudl have the same filtering as "Billing Batch", also their shoud be links to the tickets for reviewing. Basically the same as the table in "Billing Batch".

Submitted by (@alan.blair)