MSP N-central

Show devices targeted for Patch On-Demand prior to executing

When we select more than on device for Patch On-Demand there is no pre device check window showing selected devices by their name prior to the Patch On-Demand service running. The only thing we see is number of devices that are targeted and nothing else. There should be a confirmation window listing the devices prior to execution to ensure the correct devices are listed and allow to modify prior to running and avoid accidently ...more »

Submitted by (@robert.harrison)

MSP N-central

Provide non-versioned links to latest agent/probe/etc.

We have scripts that reference the agent and probe installers at e.g. "". Whenever we update N-Central or port a script to our test environment running the beta version, we have to manually adjust the link in the script to point to the current version. Providing a link without a version component would make our job a lot easier.

Submitted by (@wmassingham)

MSP N-central

Enable editing devices from SO-Level - not only customer level

We have the following situation: Our support technicians have access to most of our customers, but not all - e.g. some customers who quit their contract but are still in N-Central. No technician should see them, edit them or get alarms from them. We allow our technicians in N-Central 11.1 the access via an Access-Group, but obviously NOT with the SO-Level because not all of the customers should be seen. The following ...more »

Submitted by (@felix.h)