MSP Backup & Recovery

On the dashboard, the customer name column should be locked.

The problem with the current dashboard is: first column is the customer name or device, anyhow: that is how you recognize the row. When scrolling horizontal your customer identification goes out of sight, so you have no clue which line is who's account, so: you get lost and can make mistakes easily. See my screenshot. The red box should be (optionally) locked, so when pressing the green arrow, the info slides behind the ...more »


Mail Assure

From Address in Protection Report/ Log Search

At the moment the "from"/"Sender" address that is shown in the log search and the protection report is the True from address and not the simple on that you should see in outlook, this is causing some issues with finding emails and knowing which ones to release from the protection report. e.g. I get emails from auvik and in outlook it shows noreply@auvik.com but if I try to find the auvik emails in the log search and ...more »


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MSP Backup & Recovery

Qualify client names by partner to make globally unique

The current naming scheme requires that new client names be unique among ALL partners. For example, only ONE MSP in the world can have a client with the name "Acme, Inc." We were recently unable to add a client using the correct name because another MSP had already created a client with that name. This means that different MSPs who serve franchise locations may be in a race to be the first to claim their client's name. ...more »


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Additional information added to ticket names

Under Settings > PSA Integration > Configure, the name format is lacking. It would be more helpful if it could include additional failure information. Such examples where this would be most useful: Company - DC01 - Managed Antivirus - 2 items in Quarantine Company - EXCHANGE - Windows Service Check - Transport Service - 7 Consecutive Failures Company - DC01 - Failed Login Check - 8700 Failed Logins Adding this additional ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Re-use Workstation Name

Often it happens that a workstations crashes. After re-installing OS and Remote Management Agent, the pc is still not monitored.


The procedure for know is to delete the workstation name in the dashboard and after that re-install the agent.


It would be a nice feature if it re-uses the old (before crash) workstation name automatically


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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Alert on old overdue machines

It would be an extra service to partners if an Agent did not report back in the past number N days. For example you could set this to 1 or 10 (defined by partner). If this machine did not respond back within that time, the alert is send that this machine was offline for more that 1 or 10 days. It is not to notify them of a server that's not there, but to avoid paying for nodes that are not there anymore. This is helpful ...more »


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