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Ability To Run AV Updates & Upgrades On Next Startup

Some computers are not on during the maintenance window I have set for AV Defender updates and upgrades.


It would be awesome if similar to patch management there was an option that said "Install updates on next startup"


That way we can make sure even the devices not running during maintenance window are getting the needed updates.

Submitted by (@brett401)

MSP N-central

Add More Wildcards To AV Defender Exclusions

The list of available Windows Wildcards are nice but they seem to be lacking. It would be nice if more variants of the Windows wildcards were accepted when creating Glocal Exclusions for AV Defender. For example %HOMEDRIVE% (Points to drive where Windows is installed, normally C) In my testing I've noticed that this is not recognized by AV Defender and I'd like to cover all my bases in case a random machine has Windows ...more »

Submitted by (@brett401)

MSP Backup & Recovery

Allow API Access To MSPBackup data for users of the Integrated

Allow API Access To MSPBackup data for users of the Integrated MSP Backup Solution (N-Central). SolarWinds currently allows MSP Backup to be deployed as a standalone product or incorporated into NCentral. Those using the standalone product have access to a JSON RPC API via the URL: . This API allows them access to backup status and data size information. Users of the NCentral ...more »

Submitted by (@dobrien)

MSP N-central

Add Performance schedules to MSPBackup Profiles

We would like to see the Performance schedules added to the profiles. Profiles are great but if we still have to logon to configure the performance (To slow the upload down during business hours for example) then it has some room for improvement.

We are talking specifically about setting performance upload and download limits which are done in "Preferences" > "Performance"

Submitted by (@wilkinsit)