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Automation Manager Loopback

I was messing around with the Automation Manager just to see what we could do with it. It's pretty cool but there's one key thing that I think would be very useful. When doing an If/Else policy, I noticed there was no way to loop back the Else control flow after it had run to re-run the policy to then continue with the "Then" control flow. This would mean you'd either have to copy the rest of your If/Else policy after ...more »


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NCentral Alerts report for all customers

it would be good to be able to generate a report for all the alerts that gets raised on a daily basis. at the moment we can do that per customers level but i am unable to generate one for all customers. the reports are generated will assist in providing accuracy on the number of alerts handled across all managed customers. at the moment we do that manually by combining the output in Excel.


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NCentral - Add support for StorageNode

Apparently, to use a storagenode rather than the MSPBackup cloud as a target, can only be done with the standalone system.

I want to be able to use a storagenode with the NCentral profiles

This wuld best be done on a profile by profile basis.


I need this available as I have client with managed network links through my infrastructure. So current offsite backups never actually hit the internet.


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Ability to alert on Outdated Agents

Have the ability to configure and send notifications based on the last time an agent has communicated with the NCentral server. The purpose would be to review this on a monthly basis and connect with clients about devices that are offline to help keep NCentral more organized.


I know there are filters and dashboards that can be created, but the ability to generate a PSA ticket would also be nice.


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Ability To Run AV Updates & Upgrades On Next Startup

Some computers are not on during the maintenance window I have set for AV Defender updates and upgrades.


It would be awesome if similar to patch management there was an option that said "Install updates on next startup"


That way we can make sure even the devices not running during maintenance window are getting the needed updates.


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Add More Wildcards To AV Defender Exclusions

The list of available Windows Wildcards are nice but they seem to be lacking. It would be nice if more variants of the Windows wildcards were accepted when creating Glocal Exclusions for AV Defender. For example %HOMEDRIVE% (Points to drive where Windows is installed, normally C) In my testing I've noticed that this is not recognized by AV Defender and I'd like to cover all my bases in case a random machine has Windows ...more »


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MSP Backup & Recovery

Allow API Access To MSPBackup data for users of the Integrated

Allow API Access To MSPBackup data for users of the Integrated MSP Backup Solution (N-Central). SolarWinds currently allows MSP Backup to be deployed as a standalone product or incorporated into NCentral. Those using the standalone product have access to a JSON RPC API via the URL: https://cloudbackup.management/jsonapi . This API allows them access to backup status and data size information. Users of the NCentral ...more »