MSP Manager

Add "new ticket/add a new ticket" button when on dashboard

Hi! I would be extremely useful to have a button for "New Ticket" or "Add a New Ticket" when looking at the customer on the dashboard. This would eliminate me from having to then click tickets and then choose "Add a ticket". The most common action when you open a customer's information is going to be to add a ticket, in my opinion. At a minimum, the option to add a ticket should be listed under the "ACTIONS" button. ...more »


MSP Manager

Change Ticket Start Number

Need to be able to change the starting number for service tickets. Right now, service ticket numbering starts at 1. My company is moving from another PSA software and we are already in the 2,000s with our ticketing number scheme. Since moving to MSP Manager our ticket numbers started over again at 1. We need the ability to adjust the ticket number start so that we can skip at least 2,000 ticket number and get us above ...more »


MSP Manager

Global billable/non-billable option for tickets

Would like to see a global option under Account Settings that will allow me to set "ALL" opened tickets and future tickets created to Non-Billable or Billable. Currently there is no option to globally make tickets non-billable and you have to individually uncheck the billable box when creating a new ticket to ensure the ticket is not billed.


MSP Service Desk

When Email Subject Has Ticket ID That Matches, Treat Better

Often, very often, when customers reply an email related to a ticket (sent by the system, with the ID in the title and that random max-email in copy), they include our company mail address set to open new cases (newticket@company.com), and that makes a new case to be opened.


The system must consider this, and treat this better! This makes no sense, and generates a lot of rework.


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Autotask PSA create new ticket after adding client

When using Autotask you can already generate tickets after deleting a server or workstation.

It would be great if the same function was available for adding servers or workstations.

As you can see on the mockup screenshot which basically depicts adding the same checkmarks for creating a new ticket after adding a new workstation / server


Thank you for your consideration


MSP Service Desk

New Ticket Updates

we have at any given time, 100+ tickets open in our company. Sometimes it is hard to find tickets that customers/ticket owners have responded to. Would be nice to be able to have tickets that customers have responded to show up at the top. I know that there is a red flag, but this is assuming that you cleared all red flags. What do other people think about this?


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