MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Granular permissions for customer and technician notes

Please add a more granular approach to the notes permissions. At the moment it is unfortunately not possible to configure a way to only view both notes (technician / private + customer) and not being able to edit them. Allowing access to the technician notes subsequently also allows editing them, which is troublesome if you rely on the notes for further instructions but you dont want any unauthorized changes or be ...more »

Submitted by (@r.luelfing)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Show script syntax when adding a script check

When you add a script check to a system, the first window lets you choose the script to add and shows the description at the bottom when you select a script. The second window lets you enter the command line and timeout. But, does not show the description or usage notes. I usually put examples of proper command line syntax in the usage notes. If a tech can't remember the syntax, they have to close that window, open the ...more »

Submitted by (@devincampbell)

MSP N-central

Internal/SO/Client/site-level RSS Updates

It would be handy if we could use the N-Central RSS Updates feed ourselves, for internal announcements, client details, warnings etc. If we had access to this feature, we'd need to have have the additional ability to: -Prevent users from disabling the feed (or at least prevent them from disabling our internal announcements) -Control who sees these announcements (if a client has access to their company, we don't necessarily ...more »

Submitted by (@achapman)

MSP Manager

Formatting inside of Procedures

Morning, I'd like to request a feature I believe would greatly benefit the MSP manager partner base. Would it be possible to include formatting inside "Procedures" similar to how it's available inside of "Notes"? The current plain text is rather limiting and having the ability to use bullet points, numbering, bold, font size change, etc. would offer more use of Procedures.


Thanks for the consideration!

Submitted by (@jgerman3)


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MSP Service Desk

Roles and Permissions Enhancements and Notes in SD

1. Allow a subset of technicians who would be unable to see the time spent on a ticket: a. We want to share PSA with a client’s IT personnel; who would open tickets, work on them; close tickets or assign to MSP for resolution b. That subset would not be able to see the time spent on the ticket or the charges incurred 2. Is there a feature that exists would share notes on the tickets with MSP ...more »

Submitted by (@rzayas)

MSP Service Desk

Make agent permissions for tickets more granular

It is critical that we give on-site technicians who do not work directly for us the ability to manage the tickets. This would give them the ability to review the tickets, update users, move these tickets to different queues, etc. However, because they do not work for us we don't want them to have full access to the cost items added to a ticket, internal notes, time entries, etc. Unfortunately, at this time, this is ...more »

Submitted by (@djones)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Ability to add Device Notes in SOUTH PANE

Currently if a device has no notes then the NOTES tab in the south pane is empty.. just a refresh ICON.


If a device has notes then you also see "-" "filter" and "pencil/edit" icons in the south pane.


To add a note you need to RIGHT-CLICK, ADD NEW NOTE.


It would be good to have a small icon "+" that allows directly adding new notes from the pane

Submitted by (@grant.coffey)