MSP N-central

Disable notifications on acknowledged notifications

We get notified when acknowledge a notification from active issues view as below. Can this be disabled in a future release. Send acknowledgment to all escalation levels: is not selected. Support Case Number: 01072516 Comments on support case: That will be sent default from all recipient included on the notification profile. The notification profile Notification Alerts P3 has been acknowledged by User1 at yyyy-mm-dd ...more »

Submitted by (@biju.augustine)

MSP N-central

Acknowledge alert via email link

It would be amazing if you could acknowledge an email-based alert notification by clicking a link that could be included in the email. Would make it much easier for alerts to be acknowledged instead of someone replying to the email "disregard, I'm on it" and save from having to log into NCentral UI or mobile app every time. Also would benefit because if you have external/customer contacts that receive email alerts but ...more »

Submitted by (@harvey)

MSP Manager

Limit Service Item

It would be great to see a feature added that either lets us 'cap' a service item to stop the client going over their contract, or even set a 'notification level' which notifies the customer once they are at a certain percentage of the allotted service item.

It seems odd that there is no such feature yet, as this is basic functionality of a helpdesk system that would come in really handy.

Submitted by (@robitqed)

Mail Assure

Allow change in handling for "phishing" emails

At the moment, any email filtered as phishing is rejected, and no notification is sent to the recipient. One of our clients did not receive important emails from a customer because they were incorrectly flagged as phishing and rejected out of hand, with no warning to the client. Please add an option to quarantine phishing emails (instead of outright rejecting) so the recipient can be notified in their digest. At the ...more »

Submitted by (@tonydavey)

MSP N-central

Ability to clone Notification Profiles

It would be great if we could clone notification profiles, sometimes you want the same triggers but a different time delay or notify on return to normal setting along with different recipients. Or you want to copy a notification profile from one SO to another SO, or one customer to another. while most of the notification profile is pretty easy to manually replicate, if you have a ton of trigger groups with a bunch of ...more »

Submitted by (@wmorgan)

MSP N-central

Allow notification PROFILES to be disabled at SO level

currently you can disable some of these profiles from the customer. I would like the ability to disable any profile from the SO level.

in case there is any misunderstanding I mean the Notification Profiles that you set up in Configuration\Monitoring\Notifications


ideally this would be a function that could be tightly controlled who can perform this action through the use of User Roles.

Submitted by (@wmorgan)

MSP N-central

Active Notifications highlighting

Under Configuration - Monitoring - Notifications, there are about 40 different notifications that i can choose from on each customer, we use about 4-10 different Notifications on each customer. I'm missing an opportunity where I can see the Notifications types that are active, at the customer on the Notifications page, so I donĀ“t have to open 40 different Notifications on each customer to find the mails to be edited. ...more »

Submitted by (@ckpe69)

MSP Backup & Recovery

Notification when selected size increases a lot

We would like to see an option to revieve a notification via e-mail or trigger in CMC when selected size is increasing a lot during a short period. Some customers would like to keep the montly costs stable and would like to be informend when their bill wil increase a lot when their selected data size is growing.

Submitted by (@wouter.degroot)

MSP N-central

Ability to receive notification when AV Defender is installed

At this moment our technicians have to report back that an AV Defender is installed on a pc.

For making our yearly recurring payments for the customer we need to know exactly when the AV was installed.

Is it possible to make an option to get notified via email when the AV Defender is installed?

Submitted by (@dein01)

MSP N-central

Scheduled Downtime - Don't disable remote control

It would be great if schedueld downtime didn't also disable the remote control options on a device. We've been using scheduled downtime when we have planned maintenace work being done. A sideaffect of this is that remote control gets disabled on the device (unless mspconnect is installed). It would be nice to just use the disconnected status icon to symbolize downtime, but to leave the remote control options enabled ...more »

Submitted by (@prejay)