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Search by Asset Information in "All Devices"

Currently there is no way to search for information like Serial Number or Asset Tag in the "All Devices" screen. Currently the only way to perform this kind of search is to start creating a filter and sort by "Hardware > System Serial Number > Contains". This is obviously not ideal and for the few techs that need to search by serial number it can be confusing after not doing it for so long. Would it be feasible to add ...more »


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Wrong serial number shown in summary tab

At least for Lenovo devices, the summary tab shows the a serial number that does not tie up with the device when you search for it on Lenovo's website.


The correct serial number can be found in the Assets tab under hardware.


The [Motherboard symbol] serial number is the correct serial number where as its the [BIOS symbol] serial number which is shown in the summary tab. Can this be changed or made customisable?

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Number of workstations

It would be a good idea if we can set the maximum number of workstation a customer can add to one site.

If I send the preconfigured agent to a customer that wants to do the install procedure on his own, I can't know how many agent he install unless periodically watching the number in the dashboard. But if I check now and he add one workstation in 2 month, I have to check it avery days.

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Add more info for "Hacker" check rather than just # of attempts

I notice that the DSC hacker check is able to report on the number of attempts that have occurred over the past 24 hours. However, it would be nice that the hacker check would show a summary of what user name(s) caused the authentication or login failure and associate that account with the number of attempted failures Also, it would be nice to see what time the failures have occured during the day. This would be ...more »


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