MSP Manager

Change Ticket Start Number

Need to be able to change the starting number for service tickets. Right now, service ticket numbering starts at 1. My company is moving from another PSA software and we are already in the 2,000s with our ticketing number scheme. Since moving to MSP Manager our ticket numbers started over again at 1. We need the ability to adjust the ticket number start so that we can skip at least 2,000 ticket number and get us above ...more »


MSP Manager

Formatting inside of Procedures

Morning, I'd like to request a feature I believe would greatly benefit the MSP manager partner base. Would it be possible to include formatting inside "Procedures" similar to how it's available inside of "Notes"? The current plain text is rather limiting and having the ability to use bullet points, numbering, bold, font size change, etc. would offer more use of Procedures.


Thanks for the consideration!


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