MSP N-central

Bitlocker Keys, and usage

Many Enterprises rely on Bitlocker to encrypt PC's data to secure sensitive company information. Have Bitlocker drive encryption status displayed next to the drive partition in Asset>hardware. If Bitlocker is enabled then display the bitlocker recovery key. Have the ability to set a company wide bitlocker policy to enable/disable encryption. Have the ability to enable Bitlocker from somewhere like Settings>Bitlocker. ...more »

Submitted by (@bwinters)

MSP Backup & Recovery

Master Encrpytion Key for account owner

If you forget your encryption key (or if a malicious employee decides to go off the rails) you're customers backups are worthless.


Allow the MSP business owner a master restore password that only they would know that could override all other backup passwords.


Give us the option to have one global password for all, or one for each client. (I personally would prefer one global for all)

Submitted by (@elementalwindx)

Mail Assure

Retain LDAP settings & use saved passwords

Hello, We migrated from MaxMail and we informed customers that if there mail server ever went offline they could log in to their control panel in MaxMail and still send and receive emails. It looked as though the same was true in Mail Assure. However their is a difference in the Mail Assure process that I think you should address. Under Manage email users we have set up the LDAP authentication for each of our clients. ...more »

Submitted by (@tony001)

MSP N-central

Password Proxy Services

Would like to add password proxy services.As an admin/operator I would like to put access passwords to devices like switches, routers, firewalls, and other devices. Must connect with services like SSH, Telnet, RDP, Web, etc... Then have the Agent/Representative just click to connet without putting a password in. This will help maintain the security and password integrety of devices that are typically not changed often ...more »

Submitted by (@fortastor)

MSP N-central

Allow to hard-code password in automation tasks

When we create a new automation policy that requires password input there is no way to hard-code that password.

The field requires an input parameter and that parameter has to be a password.

Ever time you run the policy ADHOC it prompts for password.

Would like to have a way to hard-code so there is no prompt for the password.

Submitted by (@robert.harrison)

Mail Assure

Reset password for all users for a domain

Would like to see the ability to reset user password for Mail Assure control panel in bulk rather then having to do it individually. I know users can reset their own password but for admin sake I would like to see the ability to reset passwords in bulk for an entire domain like we could in MSP Mail - WebAdmin authentication settings.

Submitted by (@patrick.modarelli)


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MSP Service Desk

Increased dashboard security

Would it be possible to implement password expiry and account lockout on the dashboard? Account expiry would force the end user to change their password at the start of their next dashboard session, ideally I would want to customise the expiry times. I would also like to see an account lockout functionality so that if the end user or engineer forgets their password or types in the wrong password more than 3 times, ...more »

Submitted by (@markscottuk)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

MOB "show password" not working

Since the previous update to the dashboard, the MOB "show password" under the Edit Workstation window does not function. You click on it but doesn't work which means it does not show the password. When I click the "show password" button to reveal the GUI password in MOB nothing happens. I'm logged in as the Master User and have tried to "show password" on multiple machines, but haven't had any luck. I have escalated ...more »

Submitted by (@drandre)