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Patch Management Reports - Date Range Added

Within the current patch management reports, you can generate a Pending patches report or an Installed report, but not specified by date. I have a customer that has had PM for years, which generates massive reports that nearly crash browsers. I need a way to send them reports that simply cover a date range, so when they request a report of the patches that were installed last week, it would be great to have an option ...more »

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Patch Management to show Classifications

GFI patching is mostly about Security Updates and severity rating, whereas Microsoft patching is also about classifications. Patch Management only shows severity ratings, not classification, so for the large proportion of patches we cannot see what they relate to. For Microsoft patches the dashboard should show classification as well as Security Update severity. This should be on both the machine patch list and the Approval ...more »


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Need to Display Approval Status of Patches

Currently, there is no way (or no easy way) to see if a patch is approved for deployment for a particular group or not or for particular systems. The patch management functionality allows a patch to be approved for a group, or an individual system, but does not actually show the approval status. I have a situation tonight where a patch is missing for one system in a group, but I thought I had approved the patch for ...more »


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Suppress flash/adobe/windows updates from displaying

On computers where we have patch management enabled, it would be nice to have gfi suppress when adobe/java/microsoft prompts the user for updates.


I've had some clients doubt that their computers are being properly updated as they are prompted as soon as an update is released, even though they are getting done by patch management.

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Patch Manaement Approval Policy Settings Results

In the Approval Policy the results of the settings are not visible. In other words, i need to be able to see what patches already approoved by the settings and what patches are not. It's important to be able to see, what patches aren't autmatically approoved and need manual attention. Now only the ones i have changed manually to "Approved" can be seen, but the rest all has a grey dot and in the right panel both server ...more »


Patch Install status

It would really be a Hugh + to have the status on when patches are being installed...exp..say you approve 106 security patches how do you tell :

1. what percent is completed

2. what percent is still installing

3. estimated time to complete

4. Any failed

5. when a reboot is pending


If this can be done with you have to run a manual patch scan.


MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Is GFI MAX RemoteManaged proactive with us?

When there is a problem with any part of the system behind the services we provide our clients, why doesn't GFI let us know right away and keep us apprised of the status? For example, since last week TeamViewer 9 (Take Control) deployed automatically (by default) but it does not uninstall TV8 and consequently client's are seeing "Another instance of TeamViewer is already running. Please close this instance before restarting ...more »