MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Visual Indicator Patchmanagement active

Hey guys,


Currently we are missing a visual indicator showing Patchmanagement is active on the device in the north pane.

Since most other features, such as MAV, B&R or Web Protection do indeed show the green dot (or yellow / red respectively) which indicates the feature is active and installed, there is no such thing for patch management in the current dashboard.

Submitted by (@mstein)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Define patch installation settings for Microsoft Updates

I would like to see the features similar to those that are available in ConnectWise available in SolarWinds RMM, such as Microsoft Update Policies. Microsoft®️ Update Policies allow you to define the patch installation settings for Microsoft updates. A single Microsoft Update Policy can be applied to one or more patching groups. You can define pre and post install scripts as well as optional settings such as daytime ...more »

Submitted by (@john.cottier)

MSP N-central

Granular Permissions for Reporting

You shouldn't need to allow a user to have access to manage Patch Management just so that they can see reports on patching.

I want Account Managers to have access to Reports but don't want them to be able to change configuration/approvals etc.


I'd like the ability to access all reports without having admin access to all the sections (Patch Mgmt, AV Status, Backup Manager etc)

Submitted by (@madelineoryx)

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Patch deferment via popup on local machine

Please add the ability for us to send a custom popup when patches are about to be installed so that the user has the ability to defer patches ie 30mins, 1hr, 6hrs, 24hrs, etc. At times patches install themselves in the middle of a workday and in the case where the user cannot be interrupted this is VERY much unacceptable. The user should have the ability to at least defer 1 or 2 times so as to complete their workday ...more »

Submitted by (@hubandspokeit)

MSP N-central

Patch Management - Install After Wake

We are dealing with a lot of laptops in several environments. These laptops are frequently going to sleep at night, and missing on maintenance windows. There is an option to have patches install on boot if the device missed the scheduled maintenance window.


I'd like to have this option for when a device comes out of sleep mode, as well.

Submitted by (@jareda)

MSP N-central

Stop patch downloads to Agent Patch Cache if insufficient space

I have noticed that when a patch is set to "Approved for Install", the target device agent will download the patches even if that means it will use up almost all space on the C drive. i.e. a Device has 5 GB of patches to download and only has 5.5 GB free space on the C drive. The Agent will download all the patches leaving only 500 MB of space on the C drive. This could cause issues with services running on that device. ...more »

Submitted by (@johnnyva)