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Patch Mgmt./Languard should show Date Installed

Patch Management / Languard should show Date Installed, even if not installed by Languard. Many of the patches have the information available, e.g. when querying Windows Update. It is nice to know if Languard installed a patch, or not, so perhaps add another column to South Pane for that indication.

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MSP N-central

Manually installed patch not sync'd with Patch Management

This is not really a feature request but more of a bug! However, Solarwinds MSP Support suggest that I add this bug into here. There is an issue where if a patch has been identified by N-able Patch Management as Needed / Not Installed, and then someone manually installs this patch on the device itself, then the Patch Management system will not detect this and the patch will remain as Needed / Not Installed. What SHOULD ...more »

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Show installation status of superseded patches

I have noticed that if you approve a patch for install. Then the device discovers that this patch has been superseded, the original patch is removed from any patch reports and in the Patch Management, and it still gets installed. There is no way to track what has been installed when it has been superseded. So a step by step scenario would be: 1. Patch is detected i.e. Patch1 2. Set Approval to 'Approve for Install' ...more »

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'Require User Input' Patches should attempt installation

Patches (specifically drivers) that require user input do not install under patch management.

Many of the drivers do not actually require any input despite this tag. They should be installed or attempted to be installed during the installation window.

Maybe a check box to allow this in the install windows.

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Patch Management - Probe Cache Unavailable

Current functionality is that the Probe Cache location is looked at by the probe, but the communication between the agent and probe is simply to verify that the probe is accessible and able to respond to patch download requests from the agents. Should something be wrong with the probe cache location (network drive that has been modified or is unavailable, folder/drive permission changes, etc.) the agents will get a positive ...more »

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