MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Submitted by (@christoph)

Patch Failure Report: exclude patches currently reprocessing

For a long time, we can set a number of times, how often a failed patch is beeing reprocessed befor it is considered as failed. However this is not reflected in the Patch Failure Report. Please give as a column and/or filter to exclude patches, which are currently reprocessed.

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Submitted by (@sohilm)

Patch Management - Installation Schedule

Patch Management - Installation Schedule Upgrade is big setback Recently, Patch Mangaement Schedule has been re-vamped to deploy patches on a global schedule. Deploying patches to multiple clients on their schedule is a key aspect of Customer Service. Setting up a single Patch Management across all clients is not how to do business; although it is simpler. Ideally, Patch Management Schedule should be customized for each ...more »

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@psaeryn)

Windows 10 Major Build control in Patch Management

Right now it is very difficult to try and stop workstations from auto-updating to the latest build of Windows 10. We would like to hold out on these updates until after a few months of it being out then begin to steadily roll it out with clients. Right now the only way I've found to try to do this, with only partial success, is to search in patch management for the build number and decline the patches. Sadly even that ...more »

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@m.kooij)

3rd party patches

It seems that 3rd party patches by defualt are downloaded even when 3rd party patching is not enabled.

When there is an agent running there are 3rd party patches downloaded in C:\Program Files (x86)\N-able Technologies\PatchManagement\ThirdPartyPatch


Would like to have them only available when the option is active

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@johnnyva)

Don't download approved superseded patches

I have found (especially with Windows 10/Windows Server 2016 server devices), that the following patches will be downloaded into the Agent Patch Cache (C:\Program Files (x86)\N-able Technologies\Patch Management\archive\): - Patches that have been set to "Approved for Install" which are not yet installed, and are superseded by other another patch that is also in the list of "Approved for Install" and "Not Installed" list. ...more »


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MSP N-central

Submitted by (@johnnyva)

Stop patch downloads to Agent Patch Cache if insufficient space

I have noticed that when a patch is set to "Approved for Install", the target device agent will download the patches even if that means it will use up almost all space on the C drive. i.e. a Device has 5 GB of patches to download and only has 5.5 GB free space on the C drive. The Agent will download all the patches leaving only 500 MB of space on the C drive. This could cause issues with services running on that device. ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Submitted by (@richard.nolan)

Global patching freeze option

Over the Christmas period and other holidays my company occasionally requests a patch freeze - to prevent issues occurring when we have minimal staff in. An option to halt patching with one switch - or to be set via a paused time frame across all the customers we support would be ideal as currently I would have to go through and adjust each individual one.

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Submitted by (@austin)

Patches pending should show length of time

The tool tip on the Patches Pending dot in the North pane just says "pending". It would be much more useful if it showed how long they have been pending so that we can identify systems that are being turned off in the evening or for some other reason are not performing updates. The number of updates pending would also be nice.

MSP N-central

Submitted by (@johnnyva)

Show installation status of superseded patches

I have noticed that if you approve a patch for install. Then the device discovers that this patch has been superseded, the original patch is removed from any patch reports and in the Patch Management, and it still gets installed. There is no way to track what has been installed when it has been superseded. So a step by step scenario would be: 1. Patch is detected i.e. Patch1 2. Set Approval to 'Approve for Install' ...more »