MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Patch Mgmt./Languard should show Date Installed

Patch Management / Languard should show Date Installed, even if not installed by Languard. Many of the patches have the information available, e.g. when querying Windows Update. It is nice to know if Languard installed a patch, or not, so perhaps add another column to South Pane for that indication.

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MSP N-central

Manually installed patch not sync'd with Patch Management

This is not really a feature request but more of a bug! However, Solarwinds MSP Support suggest that I add this bug into here. There is an issue where if a patch has been identified by N-able Patch Management as Needed / Not Installed, and then someone manually installs this patch on the device itself, then the Patch Management system will not detect this and the patch will remain as Needed / Not Installed. What SHOULD ...more »

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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Global patching freeze option

Over the Christmas period and other holidays my company occasionally requests a patch freeze - to prevent issues occurring when we have minimal staff in. An option to halt patching with one switch - or to be set via a paused time frame across all the customers we support would be ideal as currently I would have to go through and adjust each individual one.

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MSP N-central

Show installation status of superseded patches

I have noticed that if you approve a patch for install. Then the device discovers that this patch has been superseded, the original patch is removed from any patch reports and in the Patch Management, and it still gets installed. There is no way to track what has been installed when it has been superseded. So a step by step scenario would be: 1. Patch is detected i.e. Patch1 2. Set Approval to 'Approve for Install' ...more »

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MSP N-central

Ability to report on customer/rule associations

it would be extremely handy to be able to, at the very least, export the selected customers from the rules grant customer/site access tab, at the very most, have a report that will show me the associations between customers and rules, allowing me to pick which customers, or which rules I want to run the report against. In particular I need this for all of my patch management rules as we currently have to audit patch ...more »

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MSP N-central

Patch Policy reporting

We have a patch policy for each day of the week that is applied to various customers. Say for example on a Monday we have 15 Customer sites that all patch over night on the "Monday Night Patch Policy". I want a report that is ran automatically at the end of the maintenance window that lists all of the devices that should have been patched, whether they patched on or not and which patches have installed or failed. This ...more »

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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Check for Networkadapter used pre-Patch

If there would be an option to define which networkadapter has to be used during Patching via Patchmanagement


And on top of that a Timeframe for Patching - not only "14:00" but rather "18-22" Never on another time, and asap if within that timeframe


Then we could monitor Devices of "out of office" Workers (consultants etc.) correctly and deliver patchmanagement for these customers too.

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MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

Add Patch Approval Policy filter to filter out 'stale' devices'

When approving patches, the patch status of all machines patches is shown. Many times (at least in my case) clients may have 'stale' machines i.e. machine that for whatever reason have not been online for days, weeks, or months (vacation, sabbatical, broken, spare, disaster recovery, etc). I do not want to delete these machine as they may come back online with out notice and would come up with no AV protection (and ...more »

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