MSP Service Desk

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integrate with 3CX

We would like to be able to integrate with 3CX phone system. When a call comes into the support line we want a browser windows to create a new ticket based on the phone number coming in . We would also like to e able to call a client by clicking on a phone number in service desk. this would be very helpful.. Nick Galea the CEO who was the CEO of GFI for Many years already said he would be interesting in collaborating ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

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Remote connect to Web Interface on Client devices

We support several clients with IP based CCTV cameras and IP Phones. Now that the background tunnel process is in place it would be great if we could use this to remote connect to the Web Interface on devices on the clients premises. i.e. Routers, IP Camers & Voip phones etc. I know that we can TV into a system and then open a browser, but it would be save time and be very helpful if this could happen when the Network ...more »

MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

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Android app improvements

Loving the Android app, but saw several things that immediately bugged me. There's no way to quit the application other than killing it through task manager. Automatic refreshes don't seem to be happening. Manually refreshing the main screen, then clicking on a machine still shows stale info for that machine until it is manually refreshed as well. Clicking on a machine for detail seems like it should get an updated ...more »


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